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  • Located on the Kingston Penninsula in Westfield Parish, Kings County:
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Bear Island

Use for: Upper Bear Island

  • Located on the east side of the St. John River in Queensbury Parish, York County
  • Bear Island was covered by water when the Mactaquac Dam was constructed
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Beaubears Island

Use for: Fraser's Island, Russell's Island, Harley's Island

  • Located at the confluence of the Southwest and Northwest Miramichi Rivers inDerby Parish, Northumberland County
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  • Located in Kent Parish, Carleton County
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  • Located on the Petitcodiac River in Dorchester Parish, Westmorland County
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Beaver Brook
  • Located on the Shepody River in Harvey Parish, Albert County
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Beaver Dam
  • Located on the South Branch Rusagonis Stream in New Maryland Parish, York County
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Beaver Harbour
  • Located in Pennfield Parish, Charlotte County
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Use for: Bumfrau

  • Located on the east side of the St. John River across from Upper Wicklow in Kent Parish, Carleton County
  • Beechwood is the site of a major hydro-electric development.
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