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Fenian Raids 0
Aroostook War

Use for: Maine New Brunswick Border Dispute

Food and Beverages

Use for: Restaurants, Brewing, Beer, Drinking water, Distilling , Alcohol production


Use for: Farming, Ranching, Agribusiness, Horticulture, Gardening, Agricultural organizations, Farmers' markets, Agricutural fairs, Irrigation, Farmer's Markets

  • The subject term agriculture should be used with descriptions that relate to agriculture and agricultural related activities. These include but are not limited to irrigation, agricultural fairs, farmer's markets, Irrigation districts, agribusiness (processing, marketing, and shipping), agricultural lobby and professional groups, farming and ranching, horticulture, and gardening.
Arts and culture (1)

Use for: Visual arts, Performing arts, Music, Literature, Musicians, Visuals artists, Dancers, Photographers, Writers, Architects, Dancing, Actors, Architecture, Photography, Museums, Archives, Cultural centres, Fairs, Parades, Libraries, Festivals, Lectures, Publishing

  • The subject term Arts and culture should be used with any descriptions related to visual arts, performing arts, literature, artists, (musicians, actors, visual artists, dancers, writers, architects photographers, etc.), artistic and cultural institutions such as foundations, museums, art schools, heritages sites, libraries and archives, art or culture related business or organizations such as book stores, cultural events such as fairs, parades, lecures, festivals, presentations any research or projects rate to arts or culture and professional art and cultural organizations.
Archaeology 0
Buildings and structures

Use for: Bridges, Monuments, Architecture, Lighthouses, Statues, Shrines, Construction, Building Management, Houses, Lighthouses, Factories, Buildings, Arenas, Palaces, Jails, Hotels, Motels, Inns

  • The subject term Buildings and structures should be used with descriptions that are related to monuments, statues, shrines, residences, factories, churches, community centres, arenas, jails, hotels, commercial buildings, construction, trestles, building managements and bridges.
  • DO NOT USE when records pertain to functions or activities carried out in/on a building or structure, unless the building and function and function are directly related (ex. hotels - provide accommodation)
Business and commerce

Use for: Companies, Corporations, Businesses, Commerce, Banks, Mercantile activity, Retail business, Banking, Stores, Chamber of Commerce, Pharmacies , Markets, Studios

  • The subject term business and commerce should be used with descriptions that relate to commercial and mercantile activity involving the exchange of the commodities, services of financial resources, retail business, services business, banking, individual business owners and operators, business related association and chambers of commerce.
  • DO NOT USE for not-for-profit enterprises
Community life

Use for: Community Activities, Community Events, Community Spirit, Community support, Charitable Organizations, Fraternal organizations, Free Masons, Orange Lodge, Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire, IODE, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Shiners, Girl Guides of Canada, Boy Scouts

  • The subject term Community life should be used with descriptions that relate to community events or organizations, promotions of communities, groups working for the development and/or maintenance of evens, services and facilities for community, community spirit and community promotion, fraternal organization, and community activities and events. Communities can exist in towns, municipalities, villages, or neighbourhoods and can be culturally. religiously, camp, or school based.
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