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Children and youth

Use for: Kids, Adolescence, Teenagers, Infants, Babies

  • The subject term Children and Youth should be used with descriptions that relate to records related to children and youth, (persons aged 20 years or younger), children and youth issues, activities, organizations, programs, and events.

Use for: Journalism, Broadcasters, Documentary film makers, Commercial photographers, Symbols, Logos, Newspapers, Magazines, Newsletters, Radio, Television, Telephone, Cable, Documentary film, Internet, Advertising, Printing, Publishing, Photofinishing, Journalist

  • The subject term Communications should be used with descriptions that relate to communication professionals and activities including, but not limited to, journalists, broadcasters, documentary film makers, commercial photographers, newspapers magazines, newsletters, radio , television, telephone, cable, documentary film, internet, advertising, printing, publishing, journalism, symbols, logos, flags and communication based professional organizations.
Cultural groups (2)

Use for: Ethnic groups, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled

  • The subject term cultural group should be used with descriptions that relate to individual or groups working towards the preservation of a particular cultural groups or culture community, activities or events promoting the life and values of cultural group(s), movements, initiative, legislation that promotes the existence and participation of diverse ethnic, racial, religious or social groups within larger communities.

Use for: Students, Professors, Teachers, University, High School, Junior High, Middle School, Elementary School, Pre-school, Primary School, Colleges, Vocational training, Continuing education, Educators, Kindergarten, School Boards

  • The subject term Education should be used with descriptions that relate to educational activities including regulatory and support organizations, students, public or private schools, agencies providing training, vocational training, containing education and professional organization related to education.

Use for: Air quality, Pollution, Habitat destruction, Endangered species, Nature, Wildlife, Parks, Climate, Weather, Environmental issues, Recycling, Composting, Habitat protection, Conservation movement, Climate Change, Global warming

  • The subject term Environment should be used with descriptions that relate to environmental issues such as air quality, pollution, endangered species, habit destruction, nature, wilderness, climate, weather, natural areas, wildlife management, parks, and conservation movements and activities.
Events and celebrations

Use for: Parades, Festivals, Fairs, Exhibitions, Concerts, Ceremonies, Royal visits, Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Protests, Demonstrations, Parties, Centennials

  • The subject term Events and celebrations should be used with descriptions that relate to weddings, funeral, baptisms, protests and demonstrations, royal visits, companies, parties including, but not limited to parties, graduations, so-turnings, Centennials, parades, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, concerts and organizations and agencies dedicated to the organization of events and celebrations.
Exploration, discovery and travel

Use for: Expeditions, Travels, Explorers, Adventureres, Propectors, Guides, Outfitters, Exploration, Cartography, Early contact with First Nations

  • The subject term Exploration, discovery and travel should be used with descriptions that relate to expeditions, exploration, adventure, prospecting, guides, outfitters, expedition planning, reports and accounts, personal travels for discovery, education and scientific research
Family and personal life

Use for: Genealogies, Families, Domestic life, Home life, Personal life, Private life, Relationships, Sexuality, Individuals of all ages

  • The subject term Family and personal life should be used with descriptions that relate to friendships, personal relationships, home life, generational records, genealogical records, sexuality, individuals, families, and support and charitable organizations who work for the private lives of families and individuals.
First Nations

Use for: Aboriginal, Untitled, Untitled, Maliseet, Mi'kmaq

  • The subject term First nations should be used with descriptions that relate to individuals and communities of first nations ancestry; records pertaining to and/or created by First nations individual, families, bands or agencies, government agencies and treaties, First nations organizations, business, schools, education and issues relating to First nations peoples or history.
Geographic features

Use for: Artificial features, Boundaries, Landscapes, Districts, Parks, Reserves, Sanctuaries, Towns, Topography, Site plans, Physical landscapes

  • The subject term Geographic features should be used with descriptions that relate to sites plans, topography, urban and industrial landscapes, natural and artificial features, physical and built landscapes, boundaries, districts, reserves, parks, sanctuaries, and towns.
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