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Guide Thématique : Première et Deuxième Guerres Mondiales 2
Health and social services

Use for: Hospitals, Medical services, Clinics, Maternity, Senior care, Fire and emergency services, Emergency services, Dentistry, Dentists, Doctors, Physicians, Surgeons, Social services, Nurses, Pharmacists, Clinicians, Counselors, Disaster relief

  • Activities and systems for maintaining and preserving individual and community health and wellness. Provided by public, private or community agencies or individuals
  • Social programs and services (youth, seniors, mental illness, maternity, counselling, support)
  • Safety and community health programs and training
  • Business, professional and support organizations
Horse Racing 1
Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing

Use for: Guides, Outfitters, Licenses


Use for: Communism, Capitalism, Racism, Conservatism, Liberalism , Facism, Nationalism, Populism , Socialism

Immeubles et structures

Use for: Immeubles (logements, bâtiments commerciaux, usines, églises, centres communautaires, prisons, arénas, hôtels, etc.), Monuments, statues, sanctuaires, etc., Ponts, chevalets, Gestion des immeubles, Construction

  • Remarque : NE PAS EMPLOYER lorsque les dossiers se rapportent aux fonctions ou aux activités menées dans un immeuble ou une structure, ou à l’égard d’un immeuble ou d’une structure, à moins que l’immeuble et sa fonction ne soient directement liés (p. ex. hôtels – fournir un hébergement).

Use for: Mining, Forestry, Fishing, Ship building, Construction, Agriculture, Farming, Construction, Ship Building, Lobby groups, Professional Groups, Aquaculture

  • The subject term Industries should be used with descriptions that relate to source industries, resource industry cooperatives, processing, packing and shipping industries, construction, ship buildings and salvage companies and operations.
  • Resource Industry Cooperatives
  • Processing, packaging and shipping industries
Industries (FR)

Use for: Industries primaires ou industries de ressources (p. ex. mines, foresterie, pêche), Coopératives d’industries de ressources, Industries de traitement, d’emballage et d’expédition, Construction, construction de navires, Entreprises de sauvetage et d’opérations

  • Voir également : Agriculture, Affaires et commerce, Transport et services publics

Use for: Roads, Bridges, Sewers


Use for: Unions, Strikes, Lock-outs, Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation

  • The subject term Labour should be used with descriptions that relate to labour and union organizations, professional associations with a labour focus, arbitration boards, events such as strikes and union-associated social groups.
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