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Use for: Women's Institutes, Women's rights, Women's suffrage, Feminism

  • The subject term Women should be used with descriptions that relate to the history, social, political and cultural situation of women, women's issue, clubs, societies, and organization, and women-only facilities and activities.
  • Records created by women
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WWI & WWII Thematic Guide
  • The objective of this thematic guide is to provide starting point for archival research relating to World War I (WWI) and World War II (WWII) in New Brunswick. By no means a complete listing, the guide provides an excellent starting point to help researchers locate the unique historical records found in archival institutions throughout the province. The archival Fonds and collections listed in the guide can help shape our understanding of the ways in which WWI and WWII affected New Brunswick and its people
  • CANB seeks to provide a myriad, yet local approach to WWI and WWII research by focusing on both the experiences of the soldiers at war and the everyday life of civilians as they lived through this period at home. All materials listed in this thematic guide were compiled from the archives of participating CANB members across the province. To determine what other holdings the individual archival institutions may have in their collections, it is advisable to contact that institution directly. We thank all the involved individuals and organizations for contributing their collections and time to this project.
  • Use this tag for all entries in the WWI & WWII Thematic Guide first produced in 2014
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