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Civil Rights 0
Tourism and Hospitality

Utilisé pour: Hotels, Inns, Motels, Tourism Advertising, Tourist Destinations, Tourism Materials

Animals and Wildlife

Utilisé pour: Pets

Bodies of Water

Utilisé pour: Lakes, Streams, Rivers, Ponds, Bays, Inlets

Organisations (1)

Utilisé pour: Clubs, Associations, Societies, Councils

  • The subject term Organisations should be used with descriptions that relate to clubs, societies, and associations, except official associations, organizations, clubs, and societies, or associations, organisations, clubs, and societies related to functions.
  • Clarify using a second heading where possible

Utilisé pour: Veterans, Military personnel, Militia, Cadets, Bases, War, Conflict, Occupation

  • The subject term Military should be used with descriptions that relate to military service, training and activities, military institutions, bases and sites, military related individuals and organization, military vehicles and ships, equipment, weapons, uniforms, artifacts and military related legislation.

Utilisé pour: Unions, Strikes, Lock-outs, Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation

  • The subject term Labour should be used with descriptions that relate to labour and union organizations, professional associations with a labour focus, arbitration boards, events such as strikes and union-associated social groups.
Family and personal life

Utilisé pour: Genealogies, Families, Domestic life, Home life, Personal life, Private life, Relationships, Sexuality, Individuals of all ages

  • The subject term Family and personal life should be used with descriptions that relate to friendships, personal relationships, home life, generational records, genealogical records, sexuality, individuals, families, and support and charitable organizations who work for the private lives of families and individuals.
Acadians and Acadian Culture 0
Buildings and structures

Utilisé pour: Bridges, Monuments, Architecture, Lighthouses, Statues, Shrines, Construction, Building Management, Houses, Lighthouses, Factories, Buildings, Arenas, Palaces, Jails, Hotels, Motels, Inns

  • The subject term Buildings and structures should be used with descriptions that are related to monuments, statues, shrines, residences, factories, churches, community centres, arenas, jails, hotels, commercial buildings, construction, trestles, building managements and bridges.
  • DO NOT USE when records pertain to functions or activities carried out in/on a building or structure, unless the building and function and function are directly related (ex. hotels - provide accommodation)
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