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Immeubles et structures

Use for: Immeubles (logements, bâtiments commerciaux, usines, églises, centres communautaires, prisons, arénas, hôtels, etc.), Monuments, statues, sanctuaires, etc., Ponts, chevalets, Gestion des immeubles, Construction

  • Remarque : NE PAS EMPLOYER lorsque les dossiers se rapportent aux fonctions ou aux activités menées dans un immeuble ou une structure, ou à l’égard d’un immeuble ou d’une structure, à moins que l’immeuble et sa fonction ne soient directement liés (p. ex. hôtels – fournir un hébergement).

Use for: Mining, Forestry, Fishing, Ship building, Construction, Agriculture, Farming, Construction, Ship Building, Lobby groups, Professional Groups

  • The subject term Industries should be used with descriptions that relate to source industries, resource industry cooperatives, processing, packing and shipping industries, construction, ship buildings and salvage companies and operations.
  • Resource Industry Cooperatives
  • Processing, packaging and shipping industries
Industries (FR)

Use for: Industries primaires ou industries de ressources (p. ex. mines, foresterie, pêche), Coopératives d’industries de ressources, Industries de traitement, d’emballage et d’expédition, Construction, construction de navires, Entreprises de sauvetage et d’opérations

  • Voir également : Agriculture, Affaires et commerce, Transport et services publics

Use for: Unions, Strikes, Lock-outs, Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation

  • The subject term Labour should be used with descriptions that relate to labour and union organizations, professional associations with a labour focus, arbitration boards, events such as strikes and union-associated social groups.
Land, settlement and immigration

Use for: Settlement, Immigration, Surveys (land), Surveyors, Land petitions, Land grants

  • The subject term Industries should be used with descriptions that relate to settling, claiming and moving to a new land, land titles, distribution and grants, community and regional settlement partners, land settlement companies, land surveys and surveyors, real estate companies and activities and organizations involved in sponsoring and supporting immigrants.
Law and justice

Use for: Coast guard, RCMP, Police force, Lawyers, Judges, Police officers, Bylaw officers, Courts, Prisons, Untitled, Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation, Restorative justice, Reconciliation, Settlements, Criminals

  • The subject term Industries should be used with descriptions that relate to structure and activities of law and justice in the province, law enforcement, administrative and support organizations, community service programs, legislation, professional organization and law and justice professionals.
  • Community service programs
  • Legistlation
Main d'oeuvre

Use for: Syndicats, Organisations syndicales, Conseils d'arbritage, Grèves, Activités (p. ex. grèves), Groupes sociaux liés aux syndicats


Use for: Veterans, Military personnel, Militia, Cadets, Bases, War, Conflict, Occupation

  • The subject term Military should be used with descriptions that relate to military service, training and activities, military institutions, bases and sites, military related individuals and organization, military vehicles and ships, equipment, weapons, uniforms, artifacts and military related legislation.
Natural resources

Use for: Forests, Mining, Fauna, Land, Water, Minerals, Flora, Soil, Oil, Gas, Hydro-electric energy, Thermal energy, Solar energy

  • The subject term Natural resources should be used with descriptions that relate to game management, regulatory and professional organizations, energy and resources such as land, water, minerals, forest, fisheries, oil, soil and gas.
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