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Utilisé pour: Liberal party, Conservative party, New Democratic party, Green party, Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, Politicians, Party members, Campaigners, campaigns, political theory, political science

  • The subject term Politics should be used with descriptions that relate to individuals working in politics, political parties, campaigns and organization and political theory and study.
African Canadians

Utilisé pour: Black Loyalists

Community life

Utilisé pour: Community Activities, Community Events, Community Spirit, Community support, Charitable Organizations, Fraternal organizations, Free Masons, Orange Lodge, Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire, IODE, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Shiners, Girl Guides of Canada, Boy Scouts

  • The subject term Community life should be used with descriptions that relate to community events or organizations, promotions of communities, groups working for the development and/or maintenance of evens, services and facilities for community, community spirit and community promotion, fraternal organization, and community activities and events. Communities can exist in towns, municipalities, villages, or neighbourhoods and can be culturally. religiously, camp, or school based.
Children and youth

Utilisé pour: Kids, Adolescence, Teenagers, Infants, Babies

  • The subject term Children and Youth should be used with descriptions that relate to records related to children and youth, (persons aged 20 years or younger), children and youth issues, activities, organizations, programs, and events.
Events and celebrations

Utilisé pour: Parades, Festivals, Fairs, Exhibitions, Concerts, Ceremonies, Royal visits, Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Protests, Demonstrations, Parties, Centennials

  • The subject term Events and celebrations should be used with descriptions that relate to weddings, funeral, baptisms, protests and demonstrations, royal visits, companies, parties including, but not limited to parties, graduations, so-turnings, Centennials, parades, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, concerts and organizations and agencies dedicated to the organization of events and celebrations.
Exploration, discovery and travel

Utilisé pour: Expeditions, Travels, Explorers, Adventureres, Propectors, Guides, Outfitters, Exploration, Cartography, Early contact with First Nations

  • The subject term Exploration, discovery and travel should be used with descriptions that relate to expeditions, exploration, adventure, prospecting, guides, outfitters, expedition planning, reports and accounts, personal travels for discovery, education and scientific research
Enfants et jeunes

Utilisé pour: S’applique aux personnes de 20 ans et moins, Dossiers créés par des enfants et des jeunes, Questions relatives aux enfants et aux jeunes, Activités, organisations, programmes, événements, etc., pour les enfants et les jeunes

  • Voir également : Famille et vie personnelle, Vie communautaire
Premières Nations

Utilisé pour: Personnes et communautés d’ascendance autochtone, Amérindiens, Métis et Inuits (Micmacs et Malécites), Documents portants sur les personnes, familles, bandes ou agences des Premières Nations, ou documents créés par celles-ci, Organismes gouvernementaux et traités, Organisations et entreprises des Premières Nations, Écoles et éducation des Premières Nations, Questions portant sur les peuples et l’histoire des Premières Nations

WWI & WWII Thematic Guide
  • The objective of this thematic guide is to provide starting point for archival research relating to World War I (WWI) and World War II (WWII) in New Brunswick. By no means a complete listing, the guide provides an excellent starting point to help researchers locate the unique historical records found in archival institutions throughout the province. The archival Fonds and collections listed in the guide can help shape our understanding of the ways in which WWI and WWII affected New Brunswick and its people
  • CANB seeks to provide a myriad, yet local approach to WWI and WWII research by focusing on both the experiences of the soldiers at war and the everyday life of civilians as they lived through this period at home. All materials listed in this thematic guide were compiled from the archives of participating CANB members across the province. To determine what other holdings the individual archival institutions may have in their collections, it is advisable to contact that institution directly. We thank all the involved individuals and organizations for contributing their collections and time to this project.
  • Use this tag for all entries in the WWI & WWII Thematic Guide first produced in 2014
Agriculture (FR)

Utilisé pour: Ferme et ranch (individuel, familial ou industriel), Agroentreprise (transformation, marketing, expédition), Horticulture, jardinage, Recherche et programmes universitaires, Groupes de pression/professionnels, Coopératives et organisations agricoles, Irrigation, districts d’irrigation, Foires et marchés agricoles

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