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Science and technology

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Science and technology

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Abraham Gesner

  • CA MNBM ID4499
  • Fonds
  • 1826-1863

This fonds consists of correspondence, specifications, patents and notes on Abraham Gesner's geological work. There are records of his patents and petitions for patents as well as specifications and plans for manufacturing kerosene. Some personal papers, including a memorandum of a will, an appointment to the Geological Survey of New Brunswick, and the assignment of a mortgage are included.

Gesner, Abraham

Austin Squires

  • CA PANB MC245
  • Collection
  • 1960-1980

The fonds contains a copy of the book, "A History of Fredericton: the last 200 years" with a commemorative inscription from the city and signed by Helen Squires; the page proofs for the manuscript; the original manuscript for the book; A. Squires' research notes; and a publication titled "An Incidental History of Frederciton" by W. Austin Squires (1975).

The collection also includes a video cassette of the ceremony naming W. Austin Squires a freeman of the city (1960s) and transcripts for "The Changing Year", nature programs done for CBC by Dr. Austin Squires (1968-1969).

Squires, William Austin

Donald Wells McLauchlan

  • CA MtA 87
  • Fonds
  • 1971

Fonds consists papers compiled for an article on the Windsor / Harper / Killam families, published in the "Mount Allison Record", v. 55, Fall 1971, p. 15-17. There are three letters to Don McLauchlan, one from Robert Killam, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and two from Grace Tomkinson, New York; notes and drafts of the Windsor / Harper / Killam family trees, with an attached note to Don McLauchlan from Vince Windsor; and Windsor / Harper / Killam family trees from the "Mount Allison Record", Fall, 1971 (annotated).

McLauchlan, Donald Wells

Francis Peabody Sharp

  • CA MNBM ID97
  • Fonds
  • 1846-1914

This fonds includes notebooks, scrapbooks and correspondence with Tappan Adney about fruit culture. There is a diary of F. P. Sharp, with a transcript, 1846-1850 and his correspondence, 1864-1898. There are also newspaper clippings about Sharp and fruit culture

Sharp, Francis Peabody, 1823-1903

George F. Boyer

  • CA CC MCC11
  • Fonds
  • 1930-1960

This fonds documents George F. Boyer's life as a university student and his work as a wildlife conservationist. It includes photographs of wildlife and their breeding grounds. Dates of these photographs are not given nor is the geographic location. Photographs also include snapshots of George F. Boyer and slides of Maritime wildlife. Fonds additionally contains a 1937 senior sawmill report written during his studies at the University of New Brunswick, University of Illinois course notes, Boyer's 1938 Bachelor of Science degree certificate from the University of New Brunswick, and his 1960 death certificate.

Boyer, George Frederick

Grand Manan Natural History Collection

  • CA GMA MG4
  • Collection
  • 1900-1982

The collection contains correspondence and publications about the geology, ornithology and biology of Grand Manan and particularly the marine invertebrates. There is also material relating to conservation. Some of the correspondence discusses the display of natural history specimens in a museum. There are also brochures, pamphlets and books from various natural history organizations, published between 1853 and 1995.

Wilcox, Elmer

Grand Manan Whale Seabird Research Station

  • CA GMA MG60
  • Collection
  • 1991

This collection consists of reports created by researchers at the Research Station. The early reports are photocopies, because the originals were out of print at the time of the deposit. More recent reports are originals.

Grand Manan Whale and Research Station

Herbert Habeeb

  • CA MNBM ID498
  • Fonds
  • 1905-1987; predominant 1940-1987

The fonds consists of the personal and professional correspondence, legal documents, ephemeral items, scientific notebooks, notes and articles concerning primarily botanical and acaranological topics. His correspondents include R. P. Gorham, Tappan Adney, J. Francis Allen, Margaret Brown, John Conroy, John Erskine, Taji Imamura and Father Irenee-Marie. There are also records of his series of publications entitled "Leaflets on Acadian Biology" (1953-1984), including drawings and photographs. The personal records include family correspondence, legal documents, photographs and Christmas cards.

Habeeb, Herbert

Kate A. Stewart

  • CA PANB MC329
  • Fonds
  • 1875-1894

This fonds consists of records relating to Katie A. Stewart's year as a student at the provincial Normal School in Fredericton. It includes an autograph book signed by many of her fellow students (1891-1892), notebooks relating to her study of natural science and teaching methods, and three textbooks -- Three Part Songs (by Henry Sefton, 1879), The Royal Reader (1875), and the Royal Reader (1877).

Stewart, Catherine Anne (Kate)

Laura and Reginald Ruggles Gates

  • CA MtA 71
  • Fonds
  • 1818-1989

The fonds consists mainly of records generated by the Gates' research activities related to anthropology and eugenics and the collection and distribution of scientific information concerning this topic. Some personal records are included and the Laura Ruggels Gates records center on the work of her husband.

The Reginald Ruggles Gates records consist of:

  • Publications;
  • Correspondence, academic;
  • Research, articles and lectures;
  • Royal Society;
  • Autobiography and family history;
  • Correspondence, personal;
  • Legal and financial;
  • Memorabilia;
  • Certificates;
  • Photoprints and photonegatives, slides, and Artifacts.

The Laura Ruggles Gates records, which comprise of most of the fonds, include:

  • Correspondence;
  • Research and lectures;
  • R.R.G. (Reginald Ruggles Gates) Memorials;
  • Memorabilia;
  • Clippings;
  • Photoprints and photonegatives;
  • Slides;
  • Audiovisual material;
  • Heraldic Crests;
  • Artifacts;
  • Publications from L.R.G.s (Laura Ruggles Gates') library.

Gates, Reginald Ruggles

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