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A. F. Charters Fonds

  • CA FRM MS113
  • Fonds
  • 1963

The series consist of clippings from the Daily Gleaner, 8 Feb 1963 and the Camp Gagetown Gazette, 14 Feb 1963, and a photo of the commemorative tray showing the route of the march of the 104th Reg’t.

Charters, A.F. “Tony”

Peter A. Owens

  • CA FRM MS109
  • Fonds
  • 1862 - 1955

Series consist of the records of Peter A. Owens, including photographs and textual records.

Owens, Peter A.

Bill Kaye

  • CA HM 16.95
  • Fonds
  • 1939-1946

This fonds consists of newspaper clippings from 1939 to 1946. Each page is listed below.
Full list

  1. Newspaper article with “Emblems” (flags) of the United Nations 1944
  2. Newspaper article regarding loss of French sub phonex 1939. Newspaper headline regarding delay of float plane flight in Shediac 1939. Newspaper photograph regarding loss of SS Atlentia 1940.
  3. Newspaper article regarding loss of Athenia 1940.
  4. Newspaper clipping regarding preparation of defences of Warsaw 1939, Soviet and German 1939 and a picture of a parachuting German pilot in the UK 1939.
  5. Newspaper clippings regarding German battleship in South Atlantic 1939, meeting of neutral Scandinavian States 1939 and clipping regarding German air loses in a raid 1939.
  6. Newspaper clipping regarding KMS Gneisenau 1939 and German aircraft downed in Scotland 1939. Clipping regarding Hungarian Soldiers with gasmasks with instigated radios, British Children filling sandbags 1939 and six Canadian Sons from same family signing up.
  7. Newspaper clippings regarding Honors of WWI members in Canada 1939 and allied Supreme Council Conference.
  8. Clippings regarding Dutch troops 1939, Destruction of Coventry Cathedral 1940, Dutch defence by Flooding 1949, Beer Hall explosion assassination attempt of Adolf Hitler 1939 and Churchill G.H. Visit to France 1939.
  9. Newspaper Clippings regarding sinking of Polish liner Pilsudski 1939, destruction of destroyer HMS Gipsy 1939 and Dominion Ministers visiting UK 1939.
  10. Newspaper clippings regarding German parachute mine 1939, evacuation of British dogs 1939, Canadian Soldiers of WWI 1939, and Remembrance Day Message from Luct. Governor MacLoren.
  11. Newspaper clipping First Canadian Contingent reaching the UK 1939, clipping of defence and living conditions at Maginot Line 1939, clipping regarding a German paratrooper and Soviet paratroopers in the winter of 1939.
  12. Clippings regarding King George visiting troops 1939, newly established Canadian Headquarters in UK 1939, RAF patrols to stop German arial mines 1939, and Pocket battleship Grop Spee 1939.
  13. Newspaper clippings regarding Finnish land mines in winter of 1939, Battle of the River Plate 1939 and German Suicides in France.
  14. Newspaper clippings of Battle against Grop Spee 1939.
  15. Newspaper Clippings German Liner Columbus 1939, destructions of Grop Spee 1939 and Saint John man among Jew's Survivors 1939
  16. Clippings regarding the outbreak of Winter War 1939 and an inspection by George VI of Forces in France 1939.
  17. Clippings regarding Earl of Athlone greeting to an Austrialian pilot 1939, clippings of Eric Hills and Harry Davis serving overseas (Kings County Men) and earthquake in Romania 1939.
  18. Newspaper clippings of Joint Service Military Parade, Eastern Coal Co LTD, British War orphans 1939 and Landing of 2 planes locked together in mid-air.
  19. Newspaper clipping of CHSJ new radio tower and Insignia of the Canadian Forces.
  20. Newspaper clipping of the Insignia of the Canadian Forces.
  21. Newspaper clippings of London visiting destroyed library and KMS Hanover, which was captured and now flies the British Flag.
  22. Clipping regarding the bombing at Italian Airport by the RAF 1940, mine collapse in Pennsylvania and 1940 govnor general of Libya.
  23. Newspaper clipping Soviet occupation of Bessarabion Territory 1940 and a picture of biplanes.
  24. Newspaper clipping of a German Infantry Photograph.
  25. US Forces at Panamic Canal.
  26. Magazine Pictures
  27. Magazine Pictures
  28. Magazine Pictures
  29. Magazine Pictures
  30. A series of Magazine Photographs including a description of various vehicle classes and varies happenings on the Home Front.
  31. A series of Magazine photographs including shots of a German torpedo, a British Walkie talkie and German General Von Falkenhorst in Norway.
  32. A series of Magazines photos including Foscrst-era Italian Troops, British leaflet bombs, a lee-enfield and underground life in the ports.
  33. A series of Magazine photographs including German troops landing, lifeboat training in the classroom and a welcome signal for incoming ships.
  34. A series of Magazine photographs including The Queen Elizabeth in New York, future seaman learning their craft, Italian Nay ships on patrol. New York transit workers, a He-lll Bomber and Flooded lands in the Netherlands.
  35. A series of Magazine photographs including a British plane over Bergen. Food productions for soldiers, destroyed British ship with RAF aircraft and graphic of artillery's effects on pillboxes. 35 (B) a series of magazine photos including a parachute training in Lakehurst N.J.,Trondhorn, a German base and a old 75mm gun sold to the UK. Also a photo of Magnolias in bloom in London and oil being transferred from standard to German.
  36. Newspaper clipping of Montreal children collecting scrap metal and European royalty posing for a photo 1942.
  37. Newspaper clipping of George the VI addressing the troops and empire 1941.
  38. Newspaper clippings of New Brunswick Men participating in the “Canadian Army Train” 1942, training in Saint John and British troops arriving in Belgium in 1942.
  39. Newspaper clippings including the death of the Duke of Kent and a photograph of a SBD dive-bombers from USS Soratoga.
  40. A series of Magazine photographs including a German towed artillery piece, a British plane over the Suez Canal and pictures of a destruction of a British destroyer and rescue of survivors.
  41. Newspaper clippings regarding U889 coming into the Bay of Fundy to be put on display 1945 and a photo of George VI visit to a Scottish Command 1942.
  42. Newspaper clippings including Allied war graves prepared by Germans in Belgium 1944, British troops before going into battel in North Africa and Canadian Soldiers entering Germany 1945.
  43. Newspaper clippings including Use of a Ford Motor Company sign used for scrap, and the return of Winston Churchill from his 1943 trips abroad.
  44. Newspaper clippings regarding a WAC pipe and brass bands tour 1943 and a magazine picture of He-lll abd burning Norwegian Village.
  45. A magazine picture of King Leopold visiting the front, and a collage regarding operation crossing the Rhine and into Germany 1945.
  46. Newspaper clippings regarding F Brothers in the Canadian Armed Service, Father, 4 sons and a daughter-in-law serving and a Sussex Family contribution to the war effort.
  47. Newspaper clippings regarding Princess Louise (the Colt) and commanding officers 8 Canadian Hussars 1946.
  48. Newspaper clippings regarding six sons and a daughter in Canadian Forces, clipping with prose titles “For your Son and Mine” and five brothers in same regiment overseas.
  49. Newspaper clippings include three Sussex men and the McQuinn brothers serving overseas.
  50. Newspaper clipping regarding the Atomic bombing of Hirashima 1945.
  51. Newspaper clippings of missing New Brunswick flyers pictured at Ceylon and Carl Landon, a barber from Sussex serving over seas.
  52. Newspaper clipping of citizens greeting veterans and a Dad meeting a son for the first time. 1945.
  53. Newspaper clipping regarding celebrations of the surrender of Japan in Saint John New Brunswick 1945.
  54. Newspaper Clippings regarding the and showing the signatures of the document of surrender of Japan 1945 and victory leaders 1945.
  55. Newspaper clipping of the timeline of World War 2 as well as a clipping comparing the 2 great wars and a recessional by Rudgard Kipling.

Kaye, Bill

Rundle Memorial United Church of Canada fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1968

Colored slide of "The New Brunswick" window in the church; letter from Rev. John Trevis to Premier Robichaud, Jan. 17, 1968; letter from Premier Robichaud to Rev. Travis, Jan. 25, 1968 explaining the design of the window. (2 letters missing since 15 Feb 2001)

Grand Manan Pythian Sisters

  • CA GMA MG71
  • Collection
  • 1907-1951

Material consists of the play “A Precious Pickle” [presented prior to 1924], correspondence regarding the history of the organization and a copy of the 1907 minutes (including a membership list).

Grand Manan Pythian Sisters

Bay of Fundy Digby Gut to the Head of Navigation, 1860

  • CA GMA MG364
  • Pièce

This items consists of one map titled "Bay of Fundy Digby Gut to the Head of Navigation", 1860, insert of Avon River, N.S., sketches of lighthouses on border with their locations on map marked with yellow and red dots, B&W. Latitude and longitude lines present. Written on back of chart "Albert Ingalls" written in pencil.

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