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Buckingham family

  • CA MNBM ID1746
  • Fonds
  • 1803-1853

This fonds consists of letters from the Camp family in Lincoln, New Brunswick, to the Buckingham family in Connecticut, 1803-1853. The letters discuss family matters. There are also records of land holdings and other financial documents.

Buckingham family

Joseph W. Lawrence

  • CA MNBM ID5470
  • Fonds
  • [1880]-1886

The fonds consists of Joseph Lawrence's notes on New Brunswick history. The notes include an outline of the plans for an Arbor Day Tree Planting in conjunction with the 1883 Loyalist Centennial celebration in Saint John, N.B. A notebook provides biographical information on the Hon. George Street and L.A. Wilmot.

Also included is the reminiscences of Lawrence's association with Sir Leonard Tilley, (1835-1885) which provides details of their shared interests, especially politics. There are notes about 1783 early history of New Brunswick and an account of the Maria Anning trust deed. Joseph Lawrence was the chairman of this trust and the matter of the family dispute over a will was finally settled by the courts. There is also a list of persons admitted as attorneys and barristers from 1785-1836.

Lawrence, Joseph Wilson

James D. McKenna

  • CA MNBM ID412
  • Fonds
  • 1930

The fonds consists of correspondence and printed ephemera including invitations, souvenir programs, passes, booklets and menus from McKenna's trip to England in 1930.

McKenna, James Daly

George S. Grimmer

  • CA MNBM ID243
  • Fonds
  • 1839-1903

This fonds consists mainly of the correspondence, legal and land documents accumulated by George S. Grimmer in his public offices in Charlotte County. There are a wide range of subjects including taxes and fees, legal cases and land purchases. The records deal with schools and teachers salaries, the administration of the courts, election arrangements and voters lists, the licensing of commercial activities and the appointment of local government officials such as fish wardens and liquor dealers. There are frequent mentions of ships and ship building, especially the schooner "Mary Ellen" and of roads and bridges. There is also a reference to the defenses against the Fenians in 1865.

There are also some household receipts and other records. The papers of F. Howard Grimmer, 1858-1903, are also included.

Grimmer, George Skeffington

Parkinson family

  • CA MNBM 159
  • Fonds
  • 1812-1907

This fonds includes legal and land documents, mostly in St. Andrews, accounts and receipts, and family and business correspondence. There are also some records of the MacStay family, 1824-1889.

Parkinson family (St. Andrews)

Leavitt family

  • CA MNBM ID4836
  • Fonds
  • 1783-1937

Fonds consists of the records of three generations of the Leavitt or Lovett family. There are the business records of Captain Daniel Lovett, Sr., and Captain Daniel Lovett, Jr., largely dealing with ships in the coastal trade. They cover the period 1790-1830 and include the schooner "Rosannah", and sloops "Dove" and "Hibernia", schooner "Sally", a scow "Mary" and brig "Susannah". There is also an account book for the poorhouse or almshouse in Saint John, kept by Daniel Lovett, 1810-1837 which details money spent for the maintenance of the poor.

The members of the family active in the middle years of the nineteenth century diversified their business interests but were also involved in shipping. The records of George L. Lovett (Leavitt) from Paraguay and Chile include accounts of the difficulty of Chilean trade and the loss of the "General O'Higgins" in 1852.

The records of A. Gordon Leavitt, 1879-1937, include family notes and genealogy, programmes, invitations, a business card, and a book, "St. John. New Brunswick. Canada", 1906.

Leavitt family

James McLeod

  • CA MNBM ID3029
  • Fonds
  • [1830?]-1923

This fonds consists of the business records and correspondence of James McLeod in his role as master of 11 vessels. There are 11 series, one for each vessel. There is also a handwritten notebook, "Specifications of an Iron Sailing Vessel," giving 48 pages of detailed specifications for building and filling up an iron barque. The volume is undated but appears to come from between 1830 and 1860.

McLeod, James

Class book / Chas F. Allison

  • CA MNBM ID1669
  • Fonds
  • 1840-1844

This fonds consists of a printed class book distributed by Methodist societies for the instruction of class leaders in Sunday school class. The middle section contains printed forms. The register lists students in classes with note of their financial contribution.

Allison, Charles Frederick

Otty family

  • CA MNBM ID493
  • Fonds
  • 1776-1963

This fonds includes records relating to members of the Otty family and other related families.

  • Annie T. Johnston diaries, 1869-1882;
  • Otty diary, 1898-1901;
  • Cash book from T. M. Johnston estate, 1860-1862;
  • Otty family account and cashbooks, 1841-1900 (7 volumes);
  • Gagetown Post Office, record of registered letters, 1860-1915 (6 volumes);
  • Elias Hardy, waste book, 1791-1796;
  • Order book, No.1 Company, 1st Battalion (Service Militia), 1865-1890;
  • Papers of Allen Otty,1816-1861; Robert W. Otty (1849-1880); Hannah Moore Otty (1891-1905), Norval Hallet Otty (1856-1936); Margaretta Otty (1875-1893); Marianne Grey Otty (1928-1963); Samuel Hallet (1776-1823); Lucretia Gilbert (1858-1883); Gilbert family (1833-1938); Waltham family (1868-1883); Earle family (1845-1846); Hewlett family (1829, 1856); Ann and William Kean (1783, 1788, 1820);
  • Articles from Gagetown News, 1920-1952;

Otty family

Henry Thomas genealogical [1783-1795]

  • CA MNBM ID2379
  • Collection
  • 1906, [ca. 1948]

The fonds consists of 4 photographs of Thomas' military commissions as captain of militia in Saint John (1783) and Queens County (1787), and as major and lieutenant colonel of militia in Queens County (1795). There is also a biographical note, dated 19 May 1906, including date of death, age at death, birth place, positions held, and notes about Henry Thomas.

Descendant of Henry Thomas

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