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Freeman Hale Todd & Sons fonds
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Freeman Hale Todd & Sons fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1832-1921

This collection contains documents pertaining to Freeman Hale Todd's business ventures, including his logging and lumber business along the St Croix River Region, as well as his merchant and grocery businesses. These include account books, promissory notes, receipts and documents related to shipping as well as deeds, indentures, mortgages, assignments of land and insurance policies. There are also wills, family papers and matters relating to Probate that pertain to Freeman Hale Todd's estate after his death on 9 September 1885. Documents involving a co-partnership between Ninian Lindsay Todd and F. H. Todd & Sons are also included. Freeman Hale Todd's election address from when he was elected in 1865 as a candidate opposing the Confederation of New Brunswick with Canada also fall under the scope of this collection. There are also some documents related to his eldest son Frank Todd which include promissory notes, receipts, correspondences, and mortgages related to his business ventures and investments in Maine and New Brunswick.

Freeman Hale Todd & Sons

Freeman Hale Todd Estate Papers

This series covers the years 1832-1921 and is divided into 15 sub-series and some of the sub-series has also been divided, and it contains 54 cm of textual records.

This series consists of estate papers including Freeman Todd's will and codicil, and because the estate was very large, and difficult to break, the property up there are family agreements. There is the executors' final account to the heirs in 1904. The estate had not been finally settled by Frank and Henry's death, so William went before probate court to be appointed executor of his father's estate. It contains the usual estate papers of expenditures and receipts, bank draft and promissory notes, and correspondence. It includes reports and inventories of the estate property and the sale of those properties. The partnership with his cousin Ninian Lindsay Todd in the logging and lumber business at St Margaret's Bay, the shipment and sale of lumber to the United States and the eventual sale of the company. There are deeds, indentures, agreements and assignment of lands, some historical documents of land that was eventually bought by Freeman Todd. There are insurance policies, which provide a sense and a scale of what was owned by Freeman Todd. Sometimes the insurance is to cover lumber waiting for the winter thaw to begin. There are reports, estimates and recapitulations of lumber, and the logging agreements for cutting, hauling, marking and delivery between individuals and Freeman Todd & Sons. After the sale of land on both sides of the border to St Croix Paper Co., F. H. Todd & Sons acted as agents for them. There are also bonds, stocks and shares that include railroad investments of which Freeman Todd invested heavily; he was one of the investors in the Anlgo-American Syndicate. Included in this series are the estate papers of his third son, Edwin, as his two daughters Sarah and Frances become heirs of their Grandfather's estate. Then there are documents relating to the St Croix Gas Light Co. of Calais Maine, which was invested in by both F. H. Todd & Sons and Frank Todd. Also the Mutual Trust Corporation of Halifax N. S. who were interested in leasing a dam with water power and lands in Calais Me and St Stephen.

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