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8th Canadian Hussars (PL)
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8th Canadian Hussars (PL)

  • CA HM 09.06.00
  • Fonds
  • 1848-2009

This Fonds consists of:
Materials on the Armoured Corps, Coyote APCs, and a drawing of a Coyote.
Uniforms include information on badges, uniforms, and dress insignia, which include 5 hand-written pages of an account on belt buckles and changes to be made.
Army Dress Committee Minutes from 1997 and 13 illustrations of badges. The Minutes from the Dress Symposium, December 1959. Pamphlet "Regimental Orders of Dress 1965." Flat badges and Shoulder Flash information.
Information on bits, spurs, and stirrups used by the Canadian Cavalry and by the Mounted Police

Consists of folders and pamphlets. 8 Student Assessment folders. Exercise for Muskrat Scramble. Tank and infantry operations. Officer Classification Training 1972. Repair Schedule and Times for Rifle 1986. Heating and Ventilation Products. Signal Training, COTC Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Training. Phase I; May to August 1956. Phase II, May to august 1957 and handouts for May to August 1957. Also included are materials for RCASC Precision 1952-1957 and a Light Armoured Troop Drills. Materials in binder include; 1985 Camp Maps, Command Structures, Operations Orders, and Training Diagrams. A second binder of material on the Fundamentals of AFV Gunnery (Cougar) 1989, pictures, and instructions and Drills.

Photocopied articles pertaining to the Hussars over a period of 30 years and Printers copy of the 1973 Sabretache. Included are numerous articles from CFB Gagetown Gazette, newspaper, and original newspaper articles.

Peace Keeping:
Materials include 6 pencil sketches by Gary Bowser 1979. "The 8th Hussars Magazine 1979," photocopies of 6 photographs taken near Nicosa or Kyrenia, Cyprus, 2 Change of Command Certificates, and 18 page newsletter and photograph from Egypt. Also included is correspondence regarding NATO.

Band materials include sheet music, photographs, and 1 sheet of correspondence. A folder of music includes the arrangement of the " Galloping Hussars."
Materials include photocopied pictures, photographs, newspaper articles, and correspondence.

Includes material Distribution Lists, notes from an address, Dress Regulations, minutes from meetings, and Allocation lists.

125th Anniversary:
Materials on planning minutes for the 125th Anniversary, brochures, newsletters, drills, and Nominal Rolls for parade participants that include 2 folders, 1 book, and 11 binders. Folders include Situation Reports, General Invitations, and a large book of Attendees with signatures and addresses. Materials in binders include "The sunset Ceremony," After Action Report, Royal Review, 100 Man Guard of Honour, Invitations and Programme for Regimental Review, and Sunset Ceremony, and Committee Meetings.

Materials include correspondence plus 1 envelope of programs and invitations

Nominal Rolls:
Materials include Nominal Rolls in 5 folders from 1973-1975

Numerous photocopied pictures and a brief history of the militia with some publicity information. The Militia Nominal Roll for 1973. An annual training plan for 1986-87 and a small pamphlet on Constitution and Mess Rules.

Materials include letters and invitations.

Photographs of inspections and reviews. Printed materials for the formation for reviews.

2 albums, 23 envelopes and numerous sleeves of pictures

Discharge papers for Pte. Charles M Brown dated 8 April 1946

Included are newspaper clippings and building and planning of CFB Gagetown.

Included materials are letters of Patent for the formation of the Association.

Materials include letters.

Records regarding the setup of the Museum. Also includes the agreement with Virtual Museums of Canada.

Records of Minutes, newsletters, membership list, and bylaws

Princess Anne:
Paperwork in reference to the Appointment of HRH Princess Anne as Colonel-in-Chief.

Photographs of HRH Princess Anne during her visit to the Regiment.

5 Newspaper articles of HRH Princess Anne

8th Princess Louise (NB) Hussars


This series consists of Letters of Patents for the formation of the Association. A File folder Donations of Gifts in Kind to the Association and a File Folder Canadian Hussars Association Inventory.

8th Hussars Museum

Militia Orders

This subseries consists of three books. These books include the following: 8th Hussars Regimental Council Meeting Minutes, Divisional Records of Camp Sussex, and Regimental Orders. These books detail the operation of the Militia in the Sussex area, which includes the 8th Hussars and Camp Sussex.


Regimental Orders (8th NB Hussars)

This item consists of regimental orders of the 8th New Brunswick Hussars (Princess Louise's), it is comprised of written and typed notes that includes: assembly at Camp Sussex for training, appointing Camp Police, Target practice, Instruction Drills, Artillery Drill, Divisional orders from the Commanding Office of Camp Sussex (Lt.Col Irving), Drills, Horses, Regimental Orders, Training, Brigade Orders, Command of Camp, Complaint about Discipline 1904, Field Hospital, Dress Details, Manoeuvre Exercise July 1904.


Regular Regiment

Series consists of textual records which Include Distribution Lists, Notes from an Address, Dress Regulations, Minutes from Meetings and Allocation Lists. Also included are 53 Large Scrap books with photographs and newspaper clippings from 1957-1991.
3 Certificates - Relinquish of responsibilities of sector four of the United Nations Force in Cyprus to Lieutenant Colonel R.S. Billings 2 October 1978. (OS Box 2)
11 Posters - 1984 Calendar Sackville New Brunswick June 27 1916, Leopard C2, Biggest of Bombers is Nearly Finished, Domville, 8th Canadian Hussars A Squadron, Association Place mat, Black Watch Poster, Visit of Colonel -in-Chief 3-4- April 1989, The Soldiers of the Greatest Armies, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11. (OS Box 2)
File 3 - 4 Camp Sussex Photographs (Large) (OS Box - 2 )
Loose Photographs -
Camp Sussex August 6 1941, of a Band, Lieut.Col. RE Ryan officers NCO and Men 6 CMR., B Squadron CMR (OS BOX - 2)
Museum Memorabilia - Mascots of the Hussars La Gazette 18 July 1984, Poster, Princess Louise Italy 1944 with SSM Robert McAleese. (OS Box- 2)
Map Cam Gagetown
Poster Ups and Downs of the Reich 1795-1939
2 Posters - 8th Princess Louise's new Brunswick Hussars circa 1897.
Information of a Picture First Aid Training Camp Sussex 1890
File 4 -
Poster Guidon Presentation by his excellency general; the right Honorable George P. Vanier VC, DSO, MC 23 June 1966
Poster - Guidon
Poster - freedom of the City of Moncton April 4 1998
Print- Presented by L Col RJ LeBlanc, outgoing CO Oct. 1983
2 Poster - Guidon
RECCE Troop - Dec 1974- June 1975
RECCE Troop- Dec 74- June 1975
All OS BOX - 2

Posters - Photographs - 1959 Volley Ball Team , 1959 Canadian Hussars Softball Team Champions Camp Gagetown - 3 CIBG- Eastern Command
1969 - Complete Dress Photograph
1962 - MAJ RW MONCEL_ COLONEL of the Regiment LCol JW Quinn - Commanding Officer

8th Princess Louise (NB) Hussars

Camp Sussex Routine Orders

This item consists primarily of typed documents including orders from the Camp Commandant, brigade orders, camp orders, general staff orders, tactical schemes, appendices to camp orders, after orders, lists of administrative staff. These documents include details about personnel, organization, training activities, sanitation procedures, and miscellaneous activities and events.


Battle Honours

Subseries consists of correspondence regarding Battle Honours - procuring battle Honours in the War of 1914-1918.
March 1 1967 Correspondence - 5th Armoured Regiment World War 2 Battle Honours

8th Princess Louise (NB) Hussars

236th Battalion, OMFC (the macLean Highllanders

Subseries consists of correspondence regarding a Soldier Sgt. C.A. Cromwell being presented with a set of Pipes. They were to be given to pipers who have given good Service. This was at Bramshott Camp Sussex England March 18th 1918.

8th Princess Louise (NB) Hussars

8th Hussars Regimental Council Meeting Minutes

This book consists of the minutes of meetings of the 8th Hussars from 1920-1967. These minutes detail such exchanges as the following: training in Camp Sussex, Regimental meeting in Moncton, Regimental Accounts 1934, Funds Meeting Camp Sussex 1951, Alliance with Queen's Royal Irish Hussars, etc. Also, there are two newspaper clippings.


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