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8th Canadian Hussars (PL) Association
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This subseries consists of textual records regarding the setup of the 8th Hussars Museum. Also includes the agreement with Virtual Museums of Canada.



This sub series consists of textual records containing material regarding minutes, newsletters, membership lists and bylaws of the Association.



This sub series consists of maps that include The Middle East, Cyprus, The Adriatic Sector, The Lire Valley ,Germany and France 1944 Europe Road Map Series and Great Britain 1935, Sussex & Camp Sussex #1290, Sussex & Camp Sussex



This sub series consists of a news letter of RECONNAISSANCE SQUADRON Aug 31 1964, Cap and Cplors Aug 1957 and a Diary of SQMS Parlee Sterling 8th Hussars member of Canadian Contingent to Cornation of Edward VIII 1902


Militia Orders

This subseries consists of three books. These books include the following: 8th Hussars Regimental Council Meeting Minutes, Divisional Records of Camp Sussex, and Regimental Orders. These books detail the operation of the Militia in the Sussex area, which includes the 8th Hussars and Camp Sussex.


8th Hussars Regimental Council Meeting Minutes

This book consists of the minutes of meetings of the 8th Hussars from 1920-1967. These minutes detail such exchanges as the following: training in Camp Sussex, Regimental meeting in Moncton, Regimental Accounts 1934, Funds Meeting Camp Sussex 1951, Alliance with Queen's Royal Irish Hussars, etc. Also, there are two newspaper clippings.



This Sub Series Consists of a Report of the militia of New Brunswick year ending 31st October 1864 , 8th Canadian Hussars Princess Louise's Militia May 1969 , A Personal Message Commander Italy May 1944 and First Canadian Army 24 March 1945.


Regimental Orders (8th NB Hussars)

This item consists of regimental orders of the 8th New Brunswick Hussars (Princess Louise's), it is comprised of written and typed notes that includes: assembly at Camp Sussex for training, appointing Camp Police, Target practice, Instruction Drills, Artillery Drill, Divisional orders from the Commanding Office of Camp Sussex (Lt.Col Irving), Drills, Horses, Regimental Orders, Training, Brigade Orders, Command of Camp, Complaint about Discipline 1904, Field Hospital, Dress Details, Manoeuvre Exercise July 1904.


Muster Roll

This sub series consists of material on Capt John Saunders , Company Queens Rangers for Oct 1777-24 Dec 1783 and Capt John Saunders troop of Light Dragoons 24 Feb 1782-April 24 1783 .


Mobilization Orders

This Subseries consists of an Appendix "N" Mobilization Orders 15 January 1938 .


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