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Edison Randall Green

  • CA GMA MG29
  • Collection
  • 1898, 1914, 1960-1986

This collection consists of papers and newspaper clippings. It includes Edison Green's discharge papers from World War II, his bank records, some geological maps and his Rotary Club membership certificate. There is also information he coll...

Green, Edison Randall

Grand Manan Museum Inc.

  • CA GMA MG233
  • Fonds
  • 1961-1989

This fonds consists of records created in opening and operating the Grand Manan Museum. Included are construction files, opening and maintenance files, minutes of meetings, annual reports, architectural plans, and correspondence about displays an...

Grand Manan Museum Inc.

Grand Manan School District 7 - Wood Island Collection

  • CA GMA MG207
  • Collection
  • 1873 ; 1945-1949

This collection contains the Teacher Contract for William J Lorimer, 1873, original ; typed list of Wood Island teachers, 1893-1940, incomplete ; Deed with Harold Green to School District #7, 1939, copy ; List of rate payers 1949 ; Wood Island Sch...

Grand Manan School Registers Collection 1892-1986

  • CA GMA MG220
  • Collection
  • 1892 - 1986

This collection contains the attendance registers from 1892 - 1986 for schools on Grand Manan and surrounding Islands. Series of registers for the smaller community schools cease as the schools were closed. Not all registers for all schools are...

Grand Manan School Publications Collection

  • CA GMA MG219
  • Collection
  • 1932 -2016

This collection contains publications created by Grand Manan School students and staff. There are newspapers and small books. Many local events are recorded in these papers. There are unused certificates showing what awards were issued as time pr...

Grand Manan Night School 1960's and 1980's Collection

  • CA GMA MG218
  • Collection
  • 1960 -69 ; 1980 -1989

This collection contains the records of Night School courses held on Grand Manan in the 1960's and then again in the 1980's.From the 1960's, there are large index cards from Evening Vocational Schools of New Brunswick detailing clas...

Grand Manan Kindergarten 1984- Collection

  • CA GMA MG217
  • Collection
  • 1984 -

This file contains what history we have of the early kindergarten operating on Grand Manan 1984-86. Kindergarten continued at the Boy and Girls Club until 2001 when the school was renovated and kindergarten became a part of the Grand Manan Commun...

Grand Manan Home and School Associations Collection

  • CA GMA MG216
  • Collection
  • 1938 - 1975 ; 1997

This collection contains the documents created in the organization and running of the Home and School Associations on Grand Manan Island, NB. There are minute books ; certificate ; Home and School Calendar, year unknown ; a writing done about the...

Grand Manan Community School 1 June 2001- Collection

  • CA GMA MG215
  • Collection
  • 1996 -2001

This collection contains the Proposal for a new community school, 1996 ; news clippings re school renovations ; Elementary financial records 1996-97.

Grand Manan Second High School, operating 1968 - 2001 Collection

  • CA GMA MG214
  • Collection
  • 1964-1970

This collection contains an Architect sketch of the front entrance of the new school and textual documents throughout construction - contracts, telegrams, invoices, equipment orders for classroom and library contents.

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