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The G Club sous-fonds

  • CA QHINB MC4111 / MC8
  • Subfonds
  • 1998-2002

Greg Ericson opened The G Club, located at 377 King St., on the third floor, with two business partners on the second week of September 1998; the club closed 4 July 2003.
In 1998, there were no other gay clubs in Fredericton, and Ericson and his partners opened a bar that would serve the community. Ericson wanted a space that offered product excellence (in the form of a variety of liquors and original cocktails), as well as a comfortable / welcoming social space for LGBTQ+ folks. Employees were encouraged to greet newcomers and introduce them to the regular patrons, welcoming them into the space before the dance music began. A competition was held to name the club, and “The G Club” was chosen for its ambiguity: it could be 'The Good Club', 'The Gay Club', but many patrons referred to it as 'The G-Spot', as the club was “on the third floor, and difficult to find”- Greg Ericson.
City by-laws require bars to close their doors at 2:00AM, The G Club patrons would be getting out at the same time as patrons from other clubs- which caused a few fights to break out, and LGBTQ+ folks didn't feel safe returning home. To address this issue, the club would often remain open until the other bar crowds dispersed. Included in the collection are a number of Suspension Notices issued by the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety, for violating the Liquor Control Act by remaining open past 2:00AM. Included in this collection are invoices and a letter from Chippin Ventures Inc. It was Ericson’s perception that Chippin Ventures was particularly aggressive towards The G. Club, looking to bill and fine the business wherever they could.

Cartographic records

Blueprint of The G Club; 8 September 1998. Technical / drafting blueprints prepared by Draftec for The G. Club.

Norman Richard sous-fonds

  • CA QHINB MC4111 / MC5
  • Subfonds
  • 1992,1996

Norman Richard was a member of Fredericton Lesbians and Gays and the New Brunswick Coalition for Human Rights Reform. He was employed in Fredericton in the audio-visual services at Communications New Brunswick, part of the Government of New Brunswick and in the 1990s he had recorded the newscasts regarding LGBT issues and the fight for Human Rights as a personal endeavor. The collection consists of three VHS Tapes containing TV Newscasts regarding Gay Rights in New Brunswick and one Beta tape (PB30) containing Studio Interviews. The interviews recorded were for a production entitled Causes Of Prejudice and were pulled at the last stage in the editing for fear of controversy.

"Beginners please; my life in amateur theatre"; by Bert Williams

  • CA UNB MG H 132
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1979]

This is a photocopy of a bound volume of Bert William's "Beginners Please My Life in Amateur Theatre". The work discusses his early life, including growing up in a working-class neighbourhood of Bolton, Lancashire, England; attending school; and working at various occupations while a young boy -- in a factory, in a cotton mill, and for several cinemas. He also comments on his early years in amateur theatre, the Workers' Educational Society, the First World War (Great War), the Second World War, and his work in adult theatre, both in England and in Canada, as a director, actor, and stage hand . The volume also includes photocopies of newspaper clippings, correspondence, and theatre programmes.

Williams, Bert

Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Fredericton

  • CA PANB MC336
  • Fonds
  • 1976-1980

This fonds contains materials relating to the activities of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Fredericton (New Brunswick) over its first five years and to the public responses received to its musical performances.

There are 10 scrapbooks, each containing textual material, newspaper clippings, and photographs chronicling the staging of a production, including scripts, rehearsals, programmes, tickets, advertising, and reviews. Musical productions represented include Palace of Varieties (1979), Iolanthe (1979), Victorian Cabaret (1978), The Mikado (1980), Pirates of Penzance (1976), An Evening with Gilbert and Sullivan (1976-1979), Patience (1977), Fools and Lovers (1977), and Gondoliers (1978).

Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Fredericton

William Elliot Vaughan

  • CA PANB MC33
  • Fonds
  • Photocopied 1970

This fonds consists of copies of the certificates granted to William Vaughan as an engineer and for the inspection of the passenger riverboat "Exota", both issued by the Canadian Department of Marine and Fisheries.

It also consists of photographic copies of 61 technical drawings for small water craft and boats, including a 74 ft. dragger, designed by Vaughan, as well as photographic copies of 4 maps, including a detailed map of properties on Campobello Island. Also included are a handwritten biography of artist and historical illustrator C. W. Jefferys and a photocopy of a printed guide to hunters and anglers in Northumberland County. The latter copy is of poor quality.

Vaughan, William Elliot

Harry Hagerman

  • CA PANB MC34
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1970]

The fonds contains guidelines and outlines for radio and television interviews that Harry Hagerman conducted on a number of topics related to the folk history and culture of New Brunswick, taped interviews and their transcribed texts, sketches, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous material that Hagerman collected during his reporting and investigations or research.

Hagerman, Harry

Mysterious East

  • CA UNB MG L 19
  • Fonds
  • 1969-1973

This fonds documents the production and distribution of The Mysterious East. It also reflects the political activities and left-leaning sympathies of the editors, and suggests the leading social and political concerns of the day.

Headquartered at Fredericton, NB, the magazine published editorials and articles primarily about Maritime issues from a local, but alternative perspective. These articles covered a wide range of topics: pollution, housing, censorship, birth control, drugs, police policies, and native problems. A popular monthly feature announced the recipient of the Rubber Duck Award. The Duck was usually given to public officials who, according to the editors, demonstrated "conspicuous knavery or incompetence or stupidity."

It contains incoming and outgoing correspondence, draft submissions, draft or working copies of articles, background research material, bank records, invoices (subscriptions), distribution and general office files, newspaper clippings, photographs and negatives. Artifacts include: 1 rubber stamp -- "Mysterious East" and 7 rubber ducks.

Mysterious East, 1969-1972

Clarence J. Clarke

  • [ca. 1967]

This fonds consists of two original poems entitled, “Canada, 1967” and “The Maple Leaf Flag”, along with a a letter from Clarence J. Clarke to then Premier Louis J. Robichaud offering the poems for use in the lobby of the Centennial Building.

Clarke, Clarence Joseph

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