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Edward Stentiford's Account Bok

  • CA CCA MC98
  • Pièce
  • 1878 - 1882

Account book from Edward Stentiford's wagonmaking company, covering from 1878-1882. The first page also list funeral expenses.

Stentiford, Edward

St. Andrews Society Dance Card

  • CA CCA MC91
  • Pièce
  • December, 1866

One small invitation. Members of the St. Andrews Society included B.R. Stevenson, George Mowat, E.S. Polleys, Charles A. Kennedy, J.H. Whitlock. The dance was held in Gove Hall on Thursday 27th December, 1866 at 8:30 pm. The dance card was printed by J & A McMillan

St. Andrews Society

Memoirs of Miss Annie M. Holt of The People of Bocabec

  • CA CCA MC89
  • Pièce
  • 1968 - ?

Item is the memoirs of Miss Anne M. Holt, the item describes the people of Bocabec, their families, and day-to-day life. Memoirs are also accompanied by a list of corrections.

Dr. John Caleff's Petitions for Land

  • CA CCA MC86
  • Pièce
  • 1785 - 1872

Several petitions for land dated January 1872, February 1785 and August 1802. In the grant applications Dr. John Caleff outlines the value of his services and the names his children.

Caleff, Dr. John

Annals of Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, NB

  • CA CCA MC85
  • Pièce
  • 1875

Book written by Rev I.C. Knowlton in 1875, it provides a history of the growth of both sides of the border. Gives information regarding the growth of different denomination of Churches. It includes chapters on the medical profession, shipping, smuggling, bridges, literature and cemeteries.

Celebration of Armstice

  • CA CCA MC84
  • Pièce
  • 1918

The collection consists of one programme for the Celebration of the Armistice and ending of the War, St Andrews, November 12th 1918, "

Charlotte County Post Offices

  • CA CCA MC83
  • Part
  • 1868 - 1964

The collection contains Post Office receipts from St Andrews and St Stephen ; information on when the Post Offices in St Andrews and St Stephen were established with the names and period of service of each Post Master ; and handwritten notes regarding the Post Offices and postage practices

Biographical Sketch of George Innes

  • CA CCA MC81
  • Pièce
  • 1979

Small copy of picture "Moonlight on Passamaquoddy Bay" by George Innes, the original was featured in an exhibition 'American Art from Native Americans through American Moderns' held by Education Department and the Docent Council of the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, November 17, 1979.

Hibbard Family Fonds

  • CA CCA MC79
  • Fonds
  • 1862 - 1969

CPR Railway Passes signed by Van Horne 1892 (Photocopy); Celebration of the Armistice and Ending of the War Program, 1918; Small notebook titled “With the Compliments of the Confederation Life Association” inscribed with train details; Small notebook titled “Keep in mind that the Charlotte County Exhibition Is going to be the Best Ever This Year 1914”; Small postcard promoting the charms of St. Andrews; Seaside Inn and Cabins pamphlet; Jas A. Walker, B.C Manager business card; Campobello Island brochure 1970; Deer Island Brochure; Salt Sea Breezes at St. Andrews-By-the-Sea brochure; Centenary of the Charlotte County Grammar School 1818-1918; St Andrews Arena brochure presenting “The Princess of the Ice” 1949; Brochure for the Third Competitive Festival of Music 1951; Canadian Manufacturers Association 1922; Photograph of town plateau plan; Postcards of Sea Captains Loft x2; Postcard of St Andrews Harbour 1862; Queen Insurance Company Foreign Fire Policy; St Andrews Old Home Month August 1947; Correspondence between the Charlotte County Archives & Emmett Burgess; Program for Patriotic Concert in Memorial for the Canadian Soldiers’ Fund 1899; Clipping from newspaper “Brides of September, 1905” featuring the marriage of Miss Helen Augusta Hibbard to Mr. Carl Sherman Cole; Clipping from newspaper featuring the engagement of Miss Helen Augusta Hibbard to Mr. Carl Sherman Cole; from the Montreal Star, entitled “Where they Liked George III- Loyal St. Andrew’s Named Streets for Princes”; Clipping from newspaper entitled “Unpredictable Month” 1979; Clipping from newspaper entitled “Willows Always Know” 1979 ; Clipping from newspaper entitled “As I Remember” 1976; Clipping from newspaper entitled “Gallery Patron Mrs. H. Pillow Dies In Quebec” -1969
; Clipping from newspaper entitled “Shire town Items- Born Fifty Years Too Soon” -1970; Newspaper clipping from St. Croix Courier featuring a section entitled “Sixty Years ago” a piece written in 1914 & republished in 1974;. Clipping from newspaper entitled “Carnival is held at St. Andrews” 1931; Clipping from newspaper entitled “Shire town Carnival A Great Success” 1932; Page from Travel brochure entitled “Play, Fiddle head, Play”; Pages from St. Croix Courier, 1975 entitled “A History of Pharmacy in St. Andrews”; Page from St. Croix Courier, 19179 entitled “St.Andrews- a Loyalist Town”; Clipping from the Telegraph-Journal, “Famous St. George Band (1890)”, 1956; Clipping from newspaper entitled “Could it Happen Here?” 1979; Clipping from newspaper entitled “Queen was rightly spared funeral Duty” 1969; Clipping from newspaper entitled “Club Sponsors Fifth Tour to Regal Summer Homes”;Short history of Saint Andrews; Article by Archie Cunningham “New Brunswick & Canada Railway”; Invoice from R. Fraser Keay Hardware, Building Supplies, and Sporting Goods, 1931; License from the Department of Transport Radio Division Carol Hibbard 1947-1948; Poem “The Unguarded Border” written by Nellie Mowat 1970; Register of Pupils attending the Charlotte County Grammar School 1886-1899;Board of School Trustees Grading certificate certifying Helen Augusta Hibbard has completed the Course of Instruction for Advanced Schools; Telegram congratulating Helen Augusta Hibbard on her marriage 1905; Postcard to George Grimmer 1879; Envelope from P.G Hanson Dry Goods, Tailoring, Gents’ furnishings addressed to Miss Hibbard; Wedding invitation of Helen Augusta and Mr. Carlos Sherman Cole 1905; Invoice from J.I Fennel, Groceries and Provisions 1903; Invoice from P.G Hanson Dry Goods, Tailoring, Gents’ furnishings 1905; Receipt of payment 1914; Brochure for House and Garden Tour 1952; Invoice from J.I Fennel groceries and provisions 1905;. Two blank postcards; Letter to Miss Hibbard from Mrs. Brodie 1903

Hibbard Family

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