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  • The subject term Communications should be used with descriptions that relate to communication professionals and activities including, but not limited to, journalists, broadcasters, documentary film makers, commercial photographers, newspapers magazines, newsletters, radio , television, telephone, cable, documentary film, internet, advertising, printing, publishing, journalism, symbols, logos, flags and communication based professional organizations.

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  • UF Journalism
  • UF Broadcasters
  • UF Documentary film makers
  • UF Commercial photographers
  • UF Symbols
  • UF Logos
  • UF Newspapers
  • UF Magazines
  • UF Newsletters
  • UF Radio
  • UF Television
  • UF Telephone
  • UF Cable
  • UF Documentary film
  • UF Internet
  • UF Advertising
  • UF Printing
  • UF Publishing
  • UF Photofinishing
  • UF Journalist

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