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  • The subject term business and commerce should be used with descriptions that relate to commercial and mercantile activity involving the exchange of the commodities, services of financial resources, retail business, services business, banking, individual business owners and operators, business related association and chambers of commerce.
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Business and commerce

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Business and commerce

  • UF Companies
  • UF Corporations
  • UF Businesses
  • UF Commerce
  • UF Banks
  • UF Mercantile activity
  • UF Retail business
  • UF Banking
  • UF Stores
  • UF Chamber of Commerce
  • UF Pharmacies
  • UF Markets
  • UF Studios

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Various Bills & Receipts

  • CA THT IWFFonds-2006.14.03-2006.14.03/64
  • Item
  • 1950-1951
  • Part of Wry Family Fonds

Items are a number of receipts with dates falling between 1950 and 1951. Included are the following: a bill for shingling the bungalow at 53 Lansdowne Street; one receipt from the Sackville Cemetery Co.; two receipts from the Moncton Times; one tax bill for the Wood Point property; and two receipts from Tingley Bros. & Duncan Ltd.

Vaughan family

  • CA MNBM ID174
  • Fonds
  • 1866-1925

This fonds includes correspondence, 1870-1896, including a letter book, 1886 of letters written by LeBaron from Liverpool on behalf of S. Vaughn and Co. and H. Barrs and Co. about ships and their cargo. A notebook contains a list of ships' names and what is probably the insured value of their cargo, 1877-1879. There is a telegraph code book for S. Vaughan and Company. There are also some legal and business records of the Vaughan family, 1866 to 1922, and an album of press clippings.

Vaughan family

Venus (schooner) log book

  • CA PANB MC413
  • Fonds
  • Photocopied [ca. 1980]

The captain's log fills most of the log book and gives sailing dates of the "Venus", weather conditions, departure points, and ports of call. The rest of the volume contains accounts in several different hands.

Venus (Schooner)

W. W. Doak

  • CA ASM 2018-03-15/43
  • Item
  • September 1962

1 colour photograph of W. W. Doak standing in his tackle shop.

W. W. Doak Shop – Exterior View

  • CA ASM CA ASM 983.38.6
  • Item
  • 1983

W. W. Doak Shop – Exterior View. One photo mounted on card stock. Carries the notation: In the 1940s sportsmen began travelling by automobile, although the train was still available.

W. W. Doak in his Tackle Shop

  • CA ASM 983.38.36
  • Item
  • Unknown

1 photograph of W. W. Doak in his Tackle Shop with a customer (possibly Jack Fenety).

W. W. Doak's (store)

  • CA ASM 2018-02-25/5
  • Series
  • c.1950

2 colour photographs of W. W. Doak's store - exterior view.

W.W. Doak (close-up)

  • CA ASM 983.38.12
  • Item
  • April 14, 1958

Close-up of W.W. Doak. Inscribed 'W.W. Doak, - The TV Personality. C. J. Kerswill [sic], April 14, 1958'.

W.W. Doak's Tackle Shop - Exterior

  • CA ASM 2018-03-07/12
  • Item
  • July 14, 1952

1 photograph of the exterior of W.W. Doak's Tackle Shop. Photo taken during the week of July 14, 1952.

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