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  • The subject term business and commerce should be used with descriptions that relate to commercial and mercantile activity involving the exchange of the commodities, services of financial resources, retail business, services business, banking, individual business owners and operators, business related association and chambers of commerce.
  • DO NOT USE for not-for-profit enterprises

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Business and commerce

Equivalent terms

Business and commerce

  • UF Companies
  • UF Corporations
  • UF Businesses
  • UF Commerce
  • UF Banks
  • UF Mercantile activity
  • UF Retail business
  • UF Banking
  • UF Stores
  • UF Chamber of Commerce
  • UF Pharmacies
  • UF Markets
  • UF Studios

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Big Hole Brook Camp

  • CA ASM 983.16.10
  • Item
  • Unknown

1 photograph of Big Hole Brook Camp, located in Storeytown where Big Hole Brook empties into the Southwest Miramichi River. Famous cold water pool. At one time it was leased by the Dead River Company.

Photograph of Bert Pond

  • CA ASM L986.1.4
  • Item
  • c. 1930

1 photograph of Bert Pond of Ludlow (Guide at Jack Russell's Fishing Camps, Porter Cove). Circa 1930

Photograph of Bonner Russell Beek

  • CA ASM 983.38.28
  • Item
  • 1983

1 photograph of Bonner Russell Beek (1926-1984), a Doaktown Guide, holding his catch in front go W. W. Doak's Tackle Shop.

Photograph of Ted Williams and Charles DeFeo

  • CA ASM 2018-03-11/21
  • Item
  • Unknown

1 photograph of Ted Williams (2nd from left) and Charles DeFeo (far right) and 2 unidentified men at the W. W. Doak Tackle Shop.

W. W. Doak

  • CA ASM 2018-03-15/43
  • Item
  • September 1962

1 colour photograph of W. W. Doak standing in his tackle shop.

W. W. Doak Shop – Exterior View

  • CA ASM CA ASM 983.38.6
  • Item
  • 1983

W. W. Doak Shop – Exterior View. One photo mounted on card stock. Carries the notation: In the 1940s sportsmen began travelling by automobile, although the train was still available.

W. W. Doak in his Tackle Shop

  • CA ASM 983.38.36
  • Item
  • Unknown

1 photograph of W. W. Doak in his Tackle Shop with a customer (possibly Jack Fenety).

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