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  • About 3500 free Black Loyalists were among at least 35,000 people who left the United States at the end of the war to settle in what are now the Maritime provinces of Canada: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Some of the Loyalists owned slaves, who had no option other than to accompany their masters into exile. Of the 5000 African Americans, enslaved and free, who joined the Loyalist migration northward, roughly one-third settled in New Brunswick, a colony carved out of Nova Scotia for the Loyalists in 1784. For the free Black Loyalists, the hardships of pioneer life in New Brunswick were increased by the discrimination they faced due to their colour. Authorities were slow to survey their land grants and, when grants were finally authorized, they were almost always smaller and located in less desirable areas than those offered to other Loyalists.

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Black Loyalists

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Black Loyalists

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Black Loyalists

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