Anglican Church. Diocese of Fredericton

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Anglican Church. Diocese of Fredericton

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Diocese created in 1845 (originally part of the Diocese of Nova Scotia)


The Anglican Diocese of Fredericton includes all of the civil province of New Brunswick. Originally part of the Diocese of Nova Scotia, the Diocese of Fredericton was created on April 25, 1845 by Letters Patent. It is one of the seven dioceses which constitute the Anglican Church of Canada’s Ecclesiastical Province of Canada .

The first Bishop to serve the Diocese of Fredericton was John Medley, who arrived in Fredericton on June 10, 1845 and continued to serve as Bishop until his death in September 1892. Born in Chelsea, England in 1804, John Medley was educated at Oxford University and was serving as Vicar at St. Thomas' Church in Exeter at the time of his appointment as Bishop. Long-serving and energetic, Bishop Medley presided over the physical and spiritual growth of this Diocese and left a lasting imprint on the Diocese. Bishop Medley quickly established his presence by making regular visitation tours of the province and continued to exert his influence by championing the building of Christ Church Cathedral, 1845-1853, and by presiding over the building or modification of 100 church buildings in the architectural style (Gothic) of which he approved. He also promoted the creation of the Diocesan Synod, which held its first meeting in July 1868 (check) and was incorporated in 1871.
Other Bishops who have served this Diocese were: Hollingworth Tully Kingdon (Coadjutor, 18811892; Bishop, 1892-1907), John Andrew Richardson (Coadjutor, 1906-1907; Bishop, 1906-1938), William Henry Moorhead (1938-1956), Alexander Henry O’Neil (1956-1971), Harold Lee Nutter (Coadjutor, 1971; Bishop, 1971-1989), George Colborne Lemmon (1989-2000) and William Joseph Hockin (Coadjutor, 1998-2000; Bishop, 1998-2003) and Claude Weston Miller was elected as the ninth Bishop of Fredericton in 2003, first as Coadjutor and later that same year became Bishop.

Early in the twenty-first century, the Diocese of Fredericton includes 90 parishes with 180 churches (Check with Phyllis again – number of Parishes and churches has probably changed?, including many historic churches, divided into nine Deaneries and seven Archdeaconries. Approximately eighty clergy serve these churches.
The Bishop’s Office and the Synod Office are located in Fredericton.


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