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McAndrew Glover, Laura

  • Laura McAndrew Glover Letters and Ephemera
  • Person
  • 1945-1947

Laura McAndrew was born in 1917 to Robert McAndrew and Ellen (possibly Nellie) Morrison. She joined the Canadian Woman's Army Corp (Founded in 1941) and served overseas.
She married Ralph Glover in 1946. They had several children. Laura died in January of 2006, and Ralph died in May 2008.

The Lawson Family

  • Lawson Family Postcards
  • Family
  • 1910-1922

A collection of postcards sent to Alice Eliza Lawson from various family members.

Alice Eliza Lawson (Nee Stephen) was born on 6 July 1868 in Gloucester England to Andrew J Stephen and Eliza Layton. She moved to Canada with her family when she was 3 (circa 1871.) Several of her siblings were born in Canada. On 20 June 1888, she married Brunswick Arthur Lawson. They had four children, Andrew William (1889-1916) George Brunswick (1892-1916) Alice Eliza (1896-1970) Lucinda Bella (1901-1974), and Mary Delphina Florence (1908-2002.) Her sons, Andrew and George died months apart in Europe during the First World War. Alice died 20 June 1933, the 45th anniversary of her marriage to Brunswick, who outlived her passing 10 October 1942.

Doiron, Diane

  • Person
  • 1965-Present

Diane Doiron was raised in Pointe Sapin, New Brunswick. At the age of 20, she enrolled in the Navy in February 1985. After her basic training she was sent to Canadian Forces Station Selbourne in Nova Scotia where she was involved with the US Navy and tracked Soviet submarines. During her time at CFS Shelbourne, Doiron was interrogated multiple times about her sexuality. She was dismissed from the Navy on December 23rd, 1987 on the biases of her sexuality after her one month stay in a psychiatric ward at CFB Halifax. Following her dismissal from the military, Doiron went on to have a career in photojournalism with the Chronicle Herald in Halifax. Over the past several decades, her photos and stories have appeared in Canada-wide publications such as the National Post, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and the Canadian Press. She spent the last decade of her career as Evening Photo Editor at the National Post in Toronto. Over her lengthy and successful career, Doiron won numerous awards, including but not limited to the Atlantic Photojournalism Award in 1998, the 2008 Award of Excellence for Photography, and most recently the 2017 Outdoor Canada Magazine Photo of the Year Award. On November 28th, 2017, Doiron along with other purge survivors attended the apology by the Prime Minister of Canada at the House of Commons in Ottawa, Ontario. Diane now lives in Amherst, Nova Scotia with her partner Pamela Ibbitson. She was Grand Marshall of the Moncton Pride Parade in 2019 to highlight her courage and resilience.