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Hampton NB

  • n/a
  • Corporate body
  • 1880

Regulations for horse racing on ice at Ossekeag Creek, in February 21, 1880, 28 signatures of men who contributed towards prize money, and on the reverse side is a list of Judges. The paper has been scotch taped together and has been put between two pieces of glass with tape around the edges to hold it together.

Thomas Lisson

  • Thomas Lisson Documents D-5
  • Person
  • 1842

T. William Barnes

  • T. William Barnes
  • Person
  • 1861-1953

Born in 1861 and died on January 5th 1953.

Saint John: Centenary-Queen Square Pastoral Charge

  • Saint John: Centenary-Queen Square Pastoral Charge
  • Corporate body
  • 1791-2013

Centenary-Queen Square Pastoral Charge which contained the appointment of Centenary-Queen Square United Church was located in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Germain Street was the mother Church of Methodism in Saint John and the second place of worship built in the city. In 1792, a building on the west side of Germain Street was purchased and used as a meeting place for local Methodists. Prior to this, Methodists would gather in houses for worship. The first minister of the congregation was Abraham John Bishop. In 1807, construction was begun on a church on the northeast corner of Germain and Horsefield Streets. The church was completed and dedicated in 1808. It was here that George Taylor established the first Sunday School in Saint John. The church was enlarged in 1834.

The original Germain Street building was used until June 20, 1877, where it was destroyed in the Great Fire. A new lot was purchased on Queen Square, and construction was completed in 1879 at a cost of $45,000. From then on, the church was known as the Queen Square Methodist Church.

Queen Square Methodist Church became part of The United Church of Canada in 1925.

During the time of Rev. Enoch Wood in 1836, the congregation of Germain Street Chapel became too large for the church building. Mr. Wood purchased three lots of land and Mr. John. B Gaynor purchased a fourth on which Centenary Methodist Church was built. The church was opened in 1839 and featured a gallery and a large school-room inside. The church was named after the centennial of Methodism in 1839. In the fall of 1850, the entrance of the church was altered and the church’s debt was reduced greatly. In 1853, a church organ was transported to the church from England. In 1875, very extensive repairs were undertaken.

In 1877, the church was burned in the Great Fire. Following this event, the Exmouth Street Church was temporarily used for the services of the Centenary Church. The church was rebuilt in 1882, with a new school room and gallery in place. Rev. Sprague was sent to the USA and to Britain to receive supplementary funds for the rebuilding of the church. With the creation of The United Church of Canada in 1925, Centenary Methodist Church became Centenary United Church.
Carmarthen Methodist Church was established as the result of a mission in the south end of Saint John under Rev. C. Stewart in 1868-1869. The first service was held in the open from the front door of a saloon and consequent services were held in a hall on Wentworth Street until the construction of the church building. Rev. William Woods was the first pastor.

The church building was destroyed in the fire of 1877. The basement of the new church was occupied in 1878 and officially opened on June 13, 1886.

Carmarthen Methodist Church was the first church in Saint John to have a free pew system.

After the formation of The United Church of Canada in June 1925, Centenary Methodist Church, Carmarthen Methodist Church, and Queen Square Methodist Church became part of The United Church of Canada. In 1939, Centenary and Queen Square United Churches amalgamated to become the Centenary-Queen Square United Church. The new congregation worshipped in the Centenary building. In 1957, Carmarthen Street United Church was amalgamated with Centenary-Queen Square in 1957. The church building was put up for sale in 1998 and the congregation moved to a store front chapel at 215 Wentworth Street. Centenary-Queen Square United Church was disbanded on October 31st, 2013.

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