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Wright, Bob

  • Person

Bob Wright was the nephew of Mrs. May Spurge who was Miss Olive Hosmer personal maid and companion.

Olive Hosmer was the daughter of Charles Rudolph Hosmer, who was the head of the CPR Telegraph and Telephone Division. He was born November 12, 1851 in Coteau Landing Quebec and died 14 Nov 1927. Her mother was Clara Jane Bigelow. Olive had one brother Elwood Bigelow Hosmer born 1879 died 1947. Elwood made an attempt to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927 and survived after coming down near the Azores.

The family lived in Montreal and spent their summers in St Andrews, staying at the Algonquin Hotel or at the Algonquin Cottages, down at the Point. In 1908 the family built their summer home in St Andrews it was named Hillcrest.

In 1921 Miss Olive Hosmer became the owner of Linden Grange. She had a special dog run constructed as she owned many Pekinese Dogs. In 1934 she donated her Lincoln Automobile to the town’s fire department to be converted into an A.R.P. service wagon.

She never married and upon her death in 1965, she left Linden Grange to her personal maid and companion of many years Mrs. May Spurge.

St Stephen Hospital received a donation of $17.000 for a laboratory from Miss Hosmer, they named it the Hosmer Memorial Laboratory in her honor.

Wright, Alan Wright

  • Person
  • n.d.

William Alan Wright was a Mount Allison University student from Lachine, Quebec. He came to Mount Allison in the fall of 1963, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1967.

Wright family (Carleton County)

  • Family
  • [185-] -

The Wright family of Carleton County, New Brunswick, is descended from William R. and Mary Wright. William R. Wright was born in New Brunswick in the 1850s, the son of a father born in Scotland and a mother born in Ireland. Mary Wright was born in the early 1860s in New Brunswick to parents both born in Ireland. Their son, Allan, was born in 1888 in the parish of Woodstock in Carleton County. In 1911, he married Martha Bull, daughter of farmer Stephen and Henrietta Bull of the parish of Northampton. William Wright was a retail dealer who sold groceries and dry goods. Allan was a paintshop foreman for the railroad.

Wren, Frances

  • Person
  • 1910-1980

Frances was born in Seaforth, Lancashire, England in 1906. Her father was Captain Joseph Ranby Wren, her mother was Ina Clark Wren and she was the eldest of four daughters Lelia, Bessie and Josephine. The family emigrated to St Andrews after the First World War. Frances graduated from the Charlotte County Grammar School in 1924.

She helped Grace Helen Mowatt set up Charlotte County Cottage Craft in St Andrews and worked with her until Miss Mowatt sold the business to the Ross brothers. She was a weaving expert, and was accomplished in many of the crafts typically sold at Cottage Craft.

She was a member of the St Andrews Music and Art Club founded by Miss Mowatt in 1935. Miss Wren was of a slight build which often lead her to play parts of a small boy role.

In 1942 she moved to Ste. Anne-de-Bellevue and became the instructor of handicrafts at
Macdonald College, a campus of McGill University. In 1973 she retired and returned to St
Andrews. One of her hand drawn Christmas cards described her “retired but not inactive indeed”.

She was active in the All Saints Anglican Church, Sunbury Shores, Charlotte County Historical Society as well as a volunteer guide at the Charlotte County Museum in St Stephen. She made paper knives from the old roof that was being replaced on the Charlotte County Museum to raise funds for the new roof. The knives had a miniature replica of the museum engraved on the handles.

Tuesday afternoons she spent at the Charlotte County Archives and enjoyed going over old records, microfilm and compiling the information for the monthly newsletter. She was also a volunteer at the Ross Memorial Museum and enjoyed being involved in the many projects during the year and decorating for their open house at Christmas. She taught to the ladies at the Consquamcook seniors club on a Monday afternoon.

She lived at the house built by her grandfather in 1830, which was once used as one of the St Andrews’ Schools. Her back room became her haven for her many talents, wood cravings, pottery, mosaics, Christmas cards, maps and art. She once said, ‘if your hands are adaptable and your designs are good, you can work with anything”.

She passed away on September 24 1990, she never married and is buried in the St Andrews Rural Cemetery.

Wren's Drug Store (St. Andrews, N.B.)

  • Corporate body
  • fl. 1880-1954

Wren's Drug Store, located in St. Andrews, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, served the needs of the residents of the town and surrounding area, including Deer Island, at the turn of the 20th century. For many years, it was managed by W. J. Rollins.

Woodstock Standard Efficiency Club

  • Corporate body
  • 1916-1919

The Woodstock Standard Efficiency Club, established in 1916, was a boys' club which enabled young men, aged thirteen to nineteen, to participate in social and athletic activities on a membership basis. A constitution was written in 1917 to identify the administrative organization of the club. The ministers of the advisory committee, Reverend Hazel, Reverend Baird, Mr. Howard, Mr. Wiggins, and Mr. Wilson, were responsible for writing the rules, articles, and by-laws of the club. The club stayed open until the spring of 1919, when it was closed due to a lack of interest from the boys in the community.

Woodbridge, Captain Frederick George

  • MS65
  • Person
  • 1877-1961

Captain Frederick George Woodbridge (1877-1961) was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and at an early age moved to Fredericton with his family. He joined the Canadian militia (71st York Regiment) in 1896, and enlisted for foreign service in 1914 as a Captain. He served overseas during the First World War with the 55th and 26th Battalions of the 71st; was wounded in 1916; subsequently served as a messing officer in England; was invalided to Canada in 1918; and served as a paymaster in Saint John. He studied civil engineering at the University of New Brunswick and dentistry at Harvard University. When he returned to Fredericton he settled at "Uplands", as his estate in the Forest Hill area was called.
Woodbridge has been called "one of Fredericton's best known and colorful residents". He had a wide variety of interests including flight and the development of gliders; a sight-seeing steamboat service on the St. John River; and writing poetry. His home attracted a great deal of attention for he decorated outbuildings with mosaics made from colored sea shells.

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