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Smith, Dr Donne

  • MC646
  • Person
  • 1927-2000

All of the material in the fonds have been given to the Charlotte County Archives by Dr. Donne Smith, his wife Sandy Smith and his Children, Donne, Richard and Barbie Smith with transfer of ownership. One fond-level and a total so far of 14 series-level descriptions and inventory – will allow local and provincial researchers to have access to these important materials dealing with Dr. Donne Smiths contributions to the community, the St Andrews Arena, Lady Dunn/Beaverbrook, Sir James Dunn Academy Board of Trustees, the founding of the St Andrews Medical Centre, the Kiwanis in St Andrews and related charitable efforts of the Sir James Dunn Foundation.

Red Granite Company

  • MC66
  • Corporate body
  • 1860-1884

The Bay of Fundy Red Granite Company had its origin with Charles Ward. In the 1860s Ward, then living in New York, went on a fishing trip in the vicinity of St. George and became fascinated by the huge ledges of red granite to the north of the town. When he returned to New York he initiated a plan to start a company to exploit this resource. The Passamaquoddy Red Granite Company was incorporated in the State of New York in 1872 with Thomas J. Coleman of the firm of Coleman and Volk of New York City. It became necessary to incorporate in New Brunswick, which they did and at the same time changed the name to Bay of Fundy Red Granite Company. In 1884 the Bank foreclosed and an auction sale was held after which the remaining assets of the Company were sold to William Coutts and Alexander Milne, two Scotsmen, who had been employees since its inception.

Campbell, Colin

  • MC69
  • Person
  • d. 1796

Colin Campbell of Shelburne, Nova Scotia was a collector of customs in St. Andrews, 1820.

Ludlow, David

  • MC7
  • Person
  • 1800-1900

David Ludlow of Wilson's Beach, Campobello, was the son of William and Eiliza Ludlow of Campobello. He married Adaline Wheeler of Kinsclear in 1852.

The Algonquin Resort

  • MC70
  • Corporate body
  • 1889-present

The original Algonquin hotel was a massive wooden Shingle Style building built in 1889 by the St. Andrews Land Company, established in 1883. Designed by a Boston architecture firm, it contained 80 guest rooms and opened in June of that year. In 1903, the Canadian Pacific Railway company purchased the Algonquin. Under CPR ownership, the resort operated with numerous guests during the 20th century. As the majority of guests arrived at St. Andrews by passenger train, CPR built a large transfer station at the junction between the St. Andrews line and the Saint John-Montreal main line in McAdam. This station also included a large 30-room hotel on its second floor, largely built to service the patrons of the St. Andrews resort. In 1970, CPR sold The Algonquin Resort to local interests. It was then leased by the Government of New Brunswick in 1973. The property, along with adjacent golf courses and private beach at Katy's Cove was purchased entirely by the provincial government in 1984. Throughout this period of change in ownership of the property, the resort was continuously contracted to operate under and be marketed by Canadian Pacific Hotels and Resorts. In 1999, CPR purchased Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.By the late 19th century, St. Andrews had become a prominent tourist town, the Algonquin attracting many wealthy patrons. Best known for its attractions such as its saltwater baths the Algonquin pumped seawater from the Passamaquoddy Bay to the hotel. Bathtubs features four taps, two for fresh water and two for saltwater. In addition to the saltwater baths, the air offered by the Bay of Fundy, along with the local "Samson Spring" were believed to offer healing properties to guests. In 1914 the original structure burnt down and was rebuilt by Barott, Blackadder & Webster of Montreal. Large additional wings were added in the early 1990s and in the early 2010s. In 2001, Canadian Pacific Hotels and Resorts were consolidated under the Fairmont name. The hotel's guests have included heads of state and royalty, including Presidents of the United States Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon B. Johnson, HRH Prince Charles and Diana Princess of Wales, as well as Sir John A. Macdonald and virtually every Prime Minister of Canada since its Confederation. In late 2010, the Fairmont chain asked the government of New Brunswick for a set amount of money in order to refit the property on a large scale. After deliberation, the province took the decision in early 2011 that they would seek different management for the property other than the Fairmont chain. From 31 Dec 2011 the Fairmont web site stated that the Fairmont would no longer be managing the property, and that all Fairmont club benefits for guests would cease after that date. The hotel was sold in 2012 to New Castle Hotels and Resorts and Southwest Properties, which formed the Charlotte County Hospitality Partnership, and in 2012 underwent renovation and restoration. In 2013 the resort was reopened as a property of Marriott’s Autograph Collection making it the first Canadian hotel in the Marriott chain.

Pope, Zibah

  • MC71
  • Person
  • 1779-1852

Ziba Pope was born in New Brunswick in 1779 and by 1809 he owned land with Moses Vernon bought 3/8 of two parts of land on the east side of the Magadavic ajoining 2nd Falls a total of 600 acres for 1,125 pounds Cnd. currency together with the double saw mill on the western side and he is described as a merchant. On 13 May 1816 he along with others sold the landhe owned at the 2nd Falls. By that time he had settled in Randolph Vermont. He was a Quaker but he became a Baptist in 1822 and became an itinerent minister, travelling to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Maine and New Hampshire. From 1833 he moved to Lincoln, Vermont and worked as a merchant, he died of consuption 12 February 1852

Moore - DeWolfe family

  • MC72
  • Family
  • Branch begins in 1812

John Warren Moore (1812-1893) was born at Moores Mills, New Brunswick, the son of Tristram Moore and Thankful Foster. He was a grandson of William Moore, a Loyalist and head of the Cape Ann Association from New Hampshire, who settled in Charlotte County in 1785. In 1833 he married Mary Louisa DeWolfe (1813-1890) of St. Stephen, the daughter of John DeWolfe, a descendant of Nova Scotia Loyalists, and his wife, Eliza Jane Rudolf. She had 4 brothers: John Kirkland, Thomas Moody, James, and Charles; and 2 sisters, Caroline Augusta and Eliza Jane. John and Mary Louisa Moore had 2 sons and 5 daughters.

John Moore became a well-known cabinet-maker in St. Stephen. His son, Harris, apprenticed to him and joined the business in 1870 when it became J. W. Moore and Son. John's other son, Edward, who lived on the American side of the border in Calais, also had a financial interest in the business.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. XII

Mundie family

  • MC728
  • Family
  • 1961-2005

Thelma Mundie was a member of the Women's Institute since 1961. Her grandmother, Jessie Cook, was a member of the Union Jack Women's Institute" (1918-1942), which was composed of the communities of DeWolfe Corner, Lynnfield and Oakhill. Thelma Mundie attended DeWolfe United Church until it closed in 1997. John Mundie was the Treasurer of the "St. Croix Christmas Tree Association." Donated scrapbook of Women's Institute material belonged to Mrs. Philliip McKay (Ella Merril) who was a family friend that grew up in Dewolfe, New Brunswick.

Smith, Nathan

  • MC729
  • Person
  • 1900-2000

Various items and documents collected by Nathan Smith during and after his service for Seaside Lodge No.9

  1. Colour photograph of Nat Smith
  2. Royal Canadian Legion beret
  3. Swatch of Canadian military uniform with rank and unit badges
  4. Royal Canadian Legion medal commemorating 75 years (1926-2001) with burgundy and white striped ribbon
  5. Canada Voluntary Service medal 1939-1945 with green, red and blue striped ribbon
  6. King George General Service medal with red, blue and white ribbon
  7. Canadian Service medal with red and white ribbon
  8. Royal Canadian Legion pin
  9. Overseas Veteran 1939-1945
  10. British Empire Service League - Canadian Region pin
  11. Photographic postcard of 26th New Brunswick Battalion
  12. Photographic postcard of 26th New Brunswick Battalion with horses
  13. Newspaper clipping from 1997 illustrating the Royal Canadian Legion officers and Ladies Auxiliary, Passamaquoddy Branch, St. Andrews, NB
  14. Photographic print of the Headquarters Staff, Second Canadian Division, reproduced from "Canada," the London Illustrated Weekly
  15. Booklet, "Active Service," Y.M.C.A. National Council, London, England, 22nd Edition
  16. Newspaper section, "The New Brunswick Reader Magazine," June 10, 1995 featuring article on the 26th New Brunswick Battalion, "Precious Cargo" by Dawson Winchester ;
  17. Program "Celebration of the Armistice and Ending of the War," St. Andrews, N.B., November 12, 1918
  18. Newspaper section, "The Standard," Saturday, November 3, 1917 with article on "The Great War Story of The Fighting 26th: The Regiment that Has Shed So Much Lustre on the Province of New Brunswick"
  19. Newspaper section, "The Daily Telegraph and the Sun," (Vol. L., No. 273), St. John, N.B., Monday Morning, May 19, 1919, with headline "St. John Wildly Enthusiastic In Its Greeting As It Opens Its Arms To Men of 26th and D.AC." Booklet6, "By-Laws of Seaside Lodge No.9, Knights of Pythias, St. Andrews, N.B. Canada, 1920"
  20. Medallion with blue, yellow and red ribbon that has gold trim and fringe, "Knights of Pythias, Seaside Lodge No. 9, K. of P., St. Andrews, N.B."
  21. “Star Weekly” June 1st 1957 with headline “Blitz kids Grow up”

Estate of Esther Lord

  • MC734
  • Person
  • 1920-2000

News, Winter 1990; Appeal to Mr. and Mrs. Lord from Sunbury Shores to continue their membership; Sunbury Shores Gallery Schedule celebrating their 25 year anniversary; "Know your Ducks" publication from Ducks Unlimited; 1 Christmas Church Service Bulletin fr. Wesley United Church, Dec 19th, 2019; 1 Church Service Bulletin "St. Andrews Pastoral Charge" fr. Wesley United, Sept 22, 1996.

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