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8th Hussars Museum

Sparks, William

  • Person
  • 1939-2012

William Sparks donated several World War II maps to the 8th Hussars Museum in 2012.

Howard, William

  • Person
  • 1941-1945

Sgt William Howard originally from Scotland born April 7th 1903, settled in London Ontario with his wife Cherry and 2 children worked at Labatts Brewery as a brewer. Howards experience with the Saint John Ambulance let him to join the Royal Canadian Medical Corps in 1941. In the spring of 1942 Howard traveled to Camp Sussex as a trainer. During Howards stay in Sussex he rented a room for his wife Cheery over Sharps Drug Store for 6 weeks. Sgt Howard shipped out for Aldershot England looking after the wounded during world war 2 . In 1945 Howard returned to Canada and Civilian Life. Sgt William Howard died September 2nd 1966.

Taylor, William Clyde

  • Person
  • 1946-1964

William Clyde Taylor was born 22 June 1905, in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. He attended the Presbyterian Church. Taylor enlisted with the army 1 October 1946. His service number was SF-34838.

Smith, Wilfred Joyce

  • Person
  • 1917

Wilfred Joyce Smith Regimental Number 710182 serving overseas 104th Battalion Paymaster Killed Nov 6th 1917

McQuinn, Warren

  • Person

Warren McQuinn was with the 43rd Squadron . It is not known if he was a Soldier in training or there as a Civilian . When he returned to Sussex he owned and operated WC McQuinn's Garage .

Murray, Walter

  • Person
  • 1940 -

In 1962 Walter Murray became a Lieutenant and in 1963 he was in the Congo serving under the United Nations with the 57 Canadian Signals Unit. On 22 June 1963 Murray left the Congo. In 1975 Murray was part of the Directing Staff at the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff for the Militia Officers Staff Course. Later in 1977 he was the Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO) of the 8th Canadian Hussars Regimental Headquarters; he was a Major at this time. During his time with the 8CH he was posted in Petawawa, Ontario and he retired from the Canadian Forces as a Lieutenant-Colonel. During his retirement he became a writer for a local publication and he wrote concerning the military. He published in the "Oak Lake Town and Country News" in 2005 and 2007 (Oak Lake is a community in Manitoba). In 2009 Murray gave a Remembrance Day speech. He died in St. Marys, Ontario.

Pearson, Vernon

  • Person
  • 1939-1946

Vernon Pearson was a Corporal.

Chapman, Trooper Ralf Morris

  • Family
  • 1942-1947

Trooper Ralf Morris Chapman (G793) traveled overseas to England where he trained for a couple of courses wireless and AFW fitters course. Trooper Chapman was the son of Percy and Gertrude M. Chapman ; he lived in Mt. Middleton Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada prior to joining the Regiment . He died September 13th 1944 at the age of 24.
"Trooper Ralph Morris Chapman from Mt. Middleton, New Brunswick. Ralph served with B Squadron, 8th Princess Louise's (New Brunswick) Hussars during WWII and passed away as a result of combat wounds on 13 September 1944. He fought and died at Coriano Ridge, Italy. Ralph's brother Harold also served with the same unit and currently resides in Peticodiac, NB."

McLaughlan, Thomas

  • Person
  • 2004 - present

Tom's first experience with the 8th Canadian Hussars came about in 1964, when he got a job with the regiment during the summer months. He went on to University before rejoining the regiment as an officer. Tom was posted to Camp Gagetown. He is the Chairman of the 8th Hussars Museum.

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