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McLeod, Robert

  • Person
  • 1987-1997

Lieutenant Colonel McLeod passed away 2007 at the age of 87 years. Bob McLeod was born and raised in Penobsquis New Brunswick, graduated from the Sussex High School, University of New Brunswick and was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Canadian Officers Training Corps. In April 1941 he joined the 8th Princess Louise's New Brunswick Hussars and went overseas with the Regiment in October 1941. While in England, the 8th NB Hussars gained extensive tank and battle training , Bob was promoted to Captain and Tank Commander. In November 1943 the Regiment. as part of the 5th Armoured Brigade, was shipped to North Africa then soon to Naples,Italy. Many serious battles ensured through which Captain McLeod was an outstanding leader of both men and tanks in extremely dangerous and difficult conditions. The tankers in "B" Squadron had faith that Captain Bob would look after them and he did. Discharged with the rank of major , Bob returned to civilian life in Penobsquis , married and was employed by the Veterans Land Act, becoming director for the Atlantic Provinces. he was deeply involved in the civic life of Hampton, with an abiding interest in the education of the youth. His motto was; "Be Useful-not just ornamental" Following the war Bob continued to serve with the 8th NB Hussars and was promoted Lieutenant Colonel and Commanding Officer 1954-1957 followed by Honorary Lieutenant Colonel 1989-19913. He was also instrumental in the selection of the 8th Hussars regiment being chosen by national Defense Headquarters and renamed the 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's) as the new regular Force Armoured Regiment in 1957 in response to the Cold War and NATO Needs.

Ross, Robert Hay

  • Person
  • 1927-1951

Bob Ross - Lieutenant Colonel George Robert Hay (Bob) Ross .Bob Ross joined the 8th Princess Louise Hussars 1927 in Sussex. Captain Ross Signed for overseas service with the regiment 13 July 1940. A/officer Commanding A Squadron 8th Princess Louise's New Brunswick Hussars 1941 Sussex. He was Promoted to Major in Camp Aldershot England Dec 1941 and Appointed Regimental Second in Command in Aldershot Feb 1942. He Continued as Regimental 2 IC during Service in Italy and Holland 1943-1945. COMMAND "ROSS FORCE" at Nijmegan Island Holland 1945. Bob was Commanding Officer of 8th Princess Louise's New Brunswick Hussars (Militia) 1947-51 at Sussex New Brunswick. Bob loved the regiment with a passion so much so it is said he was the Embodiment of the regiment spirit. One of the Best Commanding officers ever know.

Forbes, Robert Borden

  • MS74
  • Person
  • 1911-1999

Robert Forbes, born in South Devon on 7 Mar 1911, was a broker in Fredericton when he joined the army on 10 July 1940 and went overseas as a lieutenant and adjutant with the North Shore (NB) Regiment. He rose to the rank of major and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his commanding of an assault company on 6 June 1944. After the war he worked with the Fraser Company in Edmundston and retired to Fredericton in 1970. He died on 20 Feb 1999.

Robert’s brother, C. Hedley Forbes, born at Cross Creek on 27 May 1896, served in the First World War with the 8th Field Ambulance and enlisted in the Second World War with the Carleton & York Regiment. For his service in First World War he was awarded the Military Medal and the Distinguished Conduct Medal. He was first elected Fredericton city alderman in 1931 and later became Mayor. He was also vice president of the Ross Drug Company as well as other working positions. He died on 24 Mar 1979.

Wilbur, Richard

  • Person
  • 1926-2016

Richard Wilbur was born in Montreal in 1926 and maintained a dual career as a teacher of Canadian History and a freelance journalist. He taught history at the Arcadian Academic for 9 years and then after moving to St Andrews taught in Saint John. For 25 years he was a freelance writer which included writing a newspaper column on the Fisheries. He also worked for the CBC newsroom for 4 years, which took him to Toronto, the West Coast and Halifax.

His books include The Rise of the French New Brunswick, The Silver Harvest and The Fundy Weir Men Story, which won the Canadian Historical Association Regional Certificate.
Richard Humphrey Wilbur died on March 31, 2016

Bellamy, Richard

  • MS6
  • Person
  • 1827-1892

Richard Bellamy was born in 1827 in London, England, the son of George and Nancy Bellamy. He immigrated to New Brunswick at the age of nine with the "Blue Coat Emigrants".
Bellamy settled in Stanley, York County, where he was involved in business and surveying. Later he moved to Nackawic where he owned and operated a large farm. He served one term on the Municipal Council Board. He was first elected to the New Brunswick Assembly as a Liberal member for York County in 1886. He was re-elected in 1890, but when the election was protested, he resigned and did not run again. In 1891, he took a seat on the Legislative Council of New Brunswick and sat until the dissolution of that body in April, 1892. Bellamy never married, and died at Nackawic in November, 1892.

McColl, Rev. Duncan

  • MC23
  • Person
  • 1754-1841

Born on August 22, 1754 in North Britain. Duncan McColl was 20 years old he enlisted in the British army . He arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1778 and fought in many sea battles being wounded on several occasions. In 1786 he started his preaching career and traveled long distances in his mission eventually settling in the St. Stephen area with his wife. He traveled to neighbouring communities to preach the gospel. In 1790 the congregation commenced building the first meeting house in the area. In 1812 Rev. Duncan McColl promoted maintaining peace and order along the St. Croix River. In 1815 he gave a Thanksgiving service in Calais for the peace that had prevailed. Mrs. McColl died in 1819. On December 17 1819, Mr. McColl preached his final sermon. He died at the age of 87.

Colley, Raymond

  • Person
  • 4 August 2017

Raymond Colley donated a photograph to the 8th Hussars Museum in 2017.

Gleason, Randall

  • Person
  • 1913-1991

Vera Near is the daugther of Randall Gleason. Randal Gleason was a native of St Andrews, he was born November 16, 1913 and he died August 17, 1991. He was the son of Georgie Greenlaw and Daniel Christie Gleason. He married Eileen M. Whitting, she was born October 16, 1911 and died May 6, 1998. Randal was a Barber and had a small barber shop in the town on Water Street next to the Kennedy Inn.

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