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Fyffe, Samuel David

  • Person
  • 1917- 1966

Samuel enlisted in the Canadian Militia (New Brunswick Rangers) at the No 7 Military District recruiting depot in Saint john on September 19th 1939. he was taken on active service with the recently mobilized Carlton York Regiment and was assigned Service Number G27459 . On arriving in England , The First Canadian Infantry Division began training with the aim of joining the British Expeditionary Force in France . Training in these first few months was hampered by the lack of sufficient military equipment . Fyffe was transferred from the Carlton and York June 24th 1949 to a Reconnaissance Squadron where he was promoted to an acting Corporal . Corporal Fyffe of Headquarters Squadron was promoted to Lance Sergeant on 22 August , 1941 and attended an anti - tank training course given by the royal Artillery .On September 15th 1942 was confirmed Sergeant. He was to spend the next 3 years travelling through Italy .Fyffe meat and married while overseas . On June 21st 1941 Hilda and Samuel married in little Bookham and had 6 children . After returning to Canad aFyffe was discharged to return to civilian life on September 1945. He want on to Run a farm in Cornhill and past away 15 April , 1966.

Gamblin, Harold S.

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  • 1920-1985

Harold Seymour Gamblin
Harold Gamblin was a collector of military memorabilia . Harold Seymour Gamblin was born December 21, 1897 in Cody's, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada, and died June 16, 1986 in Sussex, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada. He married LULU PEARL NORTHRUP August 24, 1921 in Lower Millstream, New Brunswick, Canada. She was born February 05, 1903 in Coles Island, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada, and died March 17, 1988 in Sussex, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada. Lieutenant Colonel Gamblin served in WW 1 from 1915 to 1919. Following this he served with the 8th Princess Louise's (NB) Hussars and was the commanding officer of the regiment at the outbreak of WW 2. He mobilized the 4th Canadian Motorcycle Regiment (8NBH) and commanded it during 1940 and 1941 when it was re-organized as the 5th Canadian Armored Regiment (8NBH). In 1941 he proceeded overseas in command of the regiment, remaining in England until 1942 when he returned to Canada following hospitalization for a bronchial problem contracted during WW 1. Following his return to Canada, he was in command of the C.O.T.C. at Mount Allison University, Sackville, during 1942 and 1943. In 1943 he was posted to the adjutant-general's branch, National Defence Headquarters, serving on the Officers Selection and Appraisal Board for Military District No. 7 for the remainder of the war. He retired from active service with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 1945 and was posted to his former regiment, the 8th Princess Louise's Hussars (reserve). Lieutenant Colonel Gamblin served with the Soldier's Settlement board during 1919 and 1920. After a period of farming at Cody's, he returned to the Soldier's Settlement Board (then the Veteran's Land Act) serving until 1959 when he retired to the homestead at Cody's.

Gass, David A

  • Person
  • 1941-1945

Capt David A Gass : Feb 12th 1922- June 2nd 2013 David was born in Amherst Nova Scotia and Spent his childhood years in Sackville New Brunswick . Later attended Bishop Boys School in lennoxville Quebec.Before Graduation he enlisted in the Army as WWII was underway and spent the next 4-5 years in the Tank Corps-The 8th New Brunswick Hussars (PL) Armored Regiment of Sussex N.B. He served in the UK, Italy, Africa and Holland. he attained the rank of Captain and endured many life altering Experiences . Soon after the war he was discharged , he married , and Settled in Moose Jaw Sask to raise his Family and He was a dedicated Family Doctor for 50 Years .

Gaunce, Frank

  • Person
  • 1912 - 2013

Frank Leslie Gaunce was born in Carsonville Kings County New Brunswick August 19,1912. He went to school in Carsonville and worked on the family farm with his dad until he joined Army active service in the 4th Canadian Motorcycle Regiment 8th princess Louise N.B. hussars. At Saint John on the 5th day of August 1940 he received an efficiency metal for a remount competition August 1933,Camp Sussex Militia Summer Camp. In 1949-1941 they became the 5th armoured Division end of motorcycles back to tanks at Camp Borden. On October 1941 sailed for Liverpool England on the Monarch of Bermuda. After Tank training in England at different bases they sailed with the main body to Naples on December 19th 1943 aboard a ship ORMANC and for the next 15 months or so they battled the enemy in Italy. Frank was a tank driver then became crew Commander rank Sergeant.This was a happening in Italy : the crew was watching the enemy up in the hills when an dispatch rider on a motorcycle brought their orders up. They were beside a hay stack that was hollowed by the enemy. They heard a click or seen a glint of light . frank said under the haystack when they dug it out the motorcycle was demolished.In February 1945 they sailed from Leghorn across the Mediterranean to Marseilles France, then on to Holland. They liberated the children and people and are held in high regard to this day by the Dutch people. Frank left Holland June-July 1945. Frank was discharged on November 5th 1945 at Fredericton. He returned to civilian life went into trucking and Farming. Frank married in June 1941 and has 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Gilchrist, C Whitney

  • Person
  • 1912-1966

Lt. Col. C. W. Gilchrist OBE. E.D. ADPR. Word of the promotion , In Italy of Major C Whitney Gilchrist the rank of Lieutenant - Colonel has been learned from Saint John. Col Gilchrist former Saint John newspaperman and at the outbreak of war on the staff of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation recently succeeded RS Malone as Canadian assistant director of public relations with the Allied Armies in Italy and also. Editor and Chief of the Maple Leaf, the daily newspaper published in Italy for the Canadian Forces in theater of War. At the start of the war Col Gilchrist was called out for active service with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps unit in Saint John , in the rank as Captain . He was promoted to Major in 1940 and assumed command of the Service Corps Unit . In July of 1941 he reverted to Captain at his own request in order to transport to the Canadian Armored Corps then being formed . He joined the then 8th Princess Louise's (NB) Hussars now the 5th armored Regiment and went overseas in October 1941. He attended various qualifying courses in England and was appointed staff of the second Canadian Armored Brigade in June of 1942. He was posted to headquarters of the First Canadian Army as assistant public relations officer on reorganization in September that year. He was selected as Canadian public relations representative to the First British Army and remained in Algeria and Tunisia until the end of the campaign . Col Gilchrist returned to the United Kingdom in the mid 1943 in time to join the First Canadian Division detachment for the Sicilian campaign having been appointed deputy assistant director of public relations with the rank of major. He was one of those that were forced to swim ashore in D_Day from a Stranded landing craft.In December 1943 he continued to command the field detachment operating in the forward areas.Col Gilchrist promotion to his new rank in the 30's came as a pleasing news to his many friends and former business associates . he is especially well known in the newspaper circles.

Graham, Christopher FA

  • Person
  • 1929 - 2010

Christopher FA Graham September 20,1920-April 18,2010. Kit served in World War 2 serving in England,Italy and North West Europe with the fifth Canadian Armoured Regiment- 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's) in the rank of Captain. After the war he served for 8 years as a recruiting Officer in Saint John. The orders and decorations he received were: 1935-1945 Star, Italy Star,France-Germany Star, Defense Metal, Canadian Volunteer Service Metal with clasp, War Metal, Efficiency Decorations,125 Anniversary of Confederation Metal. Kit was en route to Italy when the convoy came under air attack. His shop ,the Monterey, played an important part in the rescue of nursing sisters and soldiers from the SS Santa Elena. After the war, Kit was employed as a Life Underwriter for several years. For 33 years he was Chief Executive Officer with the New Brunswick Division Canadian Cancer Society. Past President of the 8th Canadian Hussars(Princess Louise;'s) Regimental Association, Life member of Canadian Armoured Corp, Honorary Colonel of the 8th Canadian Hussars Princess Louise's Regiment and a member of numerous other organizations. Kit enjoyed gardening, fishing, traveling, bird watching, railroading and reading.

Halliday, Merle

  • Person
  • 1941-1943; 2008

Merle Halliday was a trooper from Springhill Nova Scotia.

Hauser, R. J.

  • Person
  • 1940

Gunner R J Hauser joined the Army on June 24, 1940. At that time he was stationed at CFB Petawawa. He later travelled by train to Sussex and completed his training at Camp Sussex. He has compiled 4 photo albums with a complete history of his time in Ontario, then on to Sussex and finally when he boards the train to go to Halifax and then by ship to Scotland.

Hauser, Rollin John

  • Person
  • 1939-2002

Major Rollin John Hauser, MBE,CD,Royal Canadian Artillery (retired) Enlisted at the outbreak of World War 2 at Guelf, Ontario in the 12th Field Regiment,Royal Canadian Artillery. After training at Petawawa , went to the UK. Commissioned from the ranks of the Royal Artillery Unit at Catterick , Yorkshire in February 1942 , Served in Second World War Remained with the Canadian Army during the fighting along the English Channel Countries, France Holland,Belgium and Germany. He was mentioned in dispatches twice during this period. Prior to World War 2 he has studied German and French as well as music all of which became very important to him later. Posted to 81 st Canadian Field regiment went to South Korea Subsequent to the Korean War he was sent to Canadian Army Staff College , Ontario and then server two and a half years in Washington. DC with the Canadian Joint Staff. This was followed by six months training on guided missiles at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and Fort Worth Texas. On returning to Canada he was Officer Commanding Canadian Army Intelligence in Ottawa for 5 years Later he was asked to be the first Canadian Officer to go to the German general Staff Academy Hamburg . The course was from 1959-61. From 1963 to 64 he was posted with his family to the United Nations Truce Supervisory Organization Palestine for Duty . After 26 years of service he retired from the Canadian Army in 1966 . He served for another 10 years in the department of trade and commerce in Ottawa. Upon final retirement he volunteered with the Ottawa Handicapped Association and formed the Ottawa Handicapped Choir and was director for 26 years . In recognition of this service the Governor general`s Caring Award on September 25, 2002. In 2002 the Government of the Netherlands Awarded the metal of remembrance in relation to the Liberation of Holland . In recognition of the part played in the liberation of the Netherlands and as a token of appreciation and gratitude of the dutch people for his wartime efforts.

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