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Dubeck, Joseph

  • Person
  • 1943

Joseph Dubeck was a Corporal with the 8th Hussars . He joined the Hussars in 1943 from Preston Ontario.

Dunn, Hunter

  • Person
  • 1940-2005

Hunter Dunn joined up in 1939 at age 21. He spent the Second World War in the Fifth Canadian Armoured Brigade as a tank officer with the New Brunswick Hussars. He published a book in 2005 titled "Memoirs of a World War II Armoured Officer?" In it he tells stories about his tank hitting a tree in Camp Borden in 1941, carrying out a real ?misfire drill? with General McNaughton in his tank in England in 1942, taking part in the battle of Besanigo Ridge and the rescue of the foal that became the Regimental Mascot in Italy in 1944. His post-war career in civil engineering was with Domtar and then the National Research Council. In 1981, Mr. Dunn joined the army officers? mess and became involved with the Canadian War Museum, helping the museum give tours of the big armoured equipment at Vimy House. In May 2009, Hunter Dunn was pictured on the front page of "The Torch", a Canadian War Museum publication. He currently resides in Ottawa


  • Person
  • 1958 - 1962

Elliott was a member of the Regular Force.

Ellis, H. R. S. (Tim)

  • Person
  • 1940-1984

Harold Robertson Scarff (Tim) Ellis was born April 18, 1916 He joined the Regiment in 1940 and served during the entire Second World War. In July 1941, Tim Ellis came to Camp Sussex. He went overseas with the Regiment and in Italy he moved up to A/Major and took over Headquarters Squadron. Before the battle at Coriano he was posted to B Squadron. During a series of actions during the battle of Coriano Ridge, this officer?s brilliant handling of his squadron, his boldness, skill and initiative at all times earned him the Distinguished Service Order on September 14, 1944.. Tim was Honorary Lt.-Col of the Regiment from 1992-1995. Tim Ellis died May 10,2011

Estabrooks, Charles William

  • Person
  • 1889 - 1960

Charles William Estabrooks Was Born 1889 . He joined the 165th Battalion of the Canadian Army and served overseas from 1914 - 1918. While in Scotland he Married Jessie Matheson and they returned to Canada following his discharge .
Charlie was the oldest living members of the Sackville Citizen Band , In Addition he was a member of the Princess Louise Hussars military Band . His son Charles Jr. carries on the tradition as leader of the Citizen's band . Charles dies July 22 1960

Estabrooks, Claire

  • Person
  • 1816

Claire's father was Ivan McKnight who was the brother of Locksley and Hilton McKnight who were both part of the 49th Battalion. Locksley died at the Somme on September 15th, 1916. Locksley also had a Master of Arts Degree from UNB.

Ferris, Ron Garfield

  • Person
  • 1939-2002

Ronald Garfield Ferris February 23,1922 - December 31 2008.Ferris a Veteran of World War 2 served as a Captain with the 8th Hussars (Princess Louise's) regiment. he was a member of the No 174 Saint John Civilian Rifle Association. He captured the New Brunswick sporting rifle Championship in 1940-1941 and taught rifle shooting to the Army Cadet Corp #1691 which he was instrumental in forming.

Flagger, Louise and Wayne

  • Person
  • 1916,1946

Louise and Wayne Flagor are collectors that donated these items to the Museum.

Fowler, Gladys Winifred

  • Person
  • 1916

Birth: 1898
D eath: Apr. 17, 1917
For nearly 92 years Gladys Winifred Fowler lay in a sealed coffin in the catacombs Kensal Green Cemetery in England. She died in an English hotel room at the age of 18 years, while her father was serving in the military. She was the daughter of then-New Brunswick MP George Fowler, at the time a lieutenant-colonel serving with the 13th Battalion Canadian Infantry during the final months of the First World War. A death certificate lists her cause of death as a combination of heart disease and illness. At the end of the war the family thought she had been repatriated and buried in New Brunswick, but for reasons that may never be known she was not. Only after a volunteer with the Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery helped solve the mystery, that her story became known.With the help of Air Canada offering to fly her body home and a local Funeral Home making the arrangements, she is now laid to rest with the rest of her family in the community cemetery.
GLADYS WINIFRED FOWLER Gladys Winifred Fowler was born on June 4, 1898 to George William Fowler and Ethyl Georgina Fowler (nee Wilson). She had two younger brothers, Eric MacLeod Fowler (born 1900) and Cedric Weeden Fowler (born 1905). Gladys Winifred Fowler, called Winifred by her brother Cedric, was a beautiful and talented young woman. She studied the piano. Many years after her death, her brother Cedric praised her skill. He loved to listen to piano music. Winifred was an educated and modern young woman. When the family was in Ottawa during sessions of Parliament, Winifred attended a women's seminary there. She also studied piano at the Toronto Conservatory. In 1916, Gladys Winifred Fowler traveled to London with her mother Ethyl and younger brothers, Eric and Cedric, to join their father and husband. George William Fowler was the commander of the 104th Battalion, C. E. F. Colonel Fowler had previously left for England with his unit. While there, Winifred assisted the Red Cross, caring for wounded soldiers. According to Cedric, she continued studying piano in London at the Imperial Conservatory during the war. In 1918, while living in a row house in Northwest London, the family was bombed out. Afterwards the mother and daughter stayed at Berner's Hotel. As a result of this incident, Winifred became seriously ill. She suffered from measles and pneumonia, complicated by a heart condition, the result of a bout of rheumatic fever, which she had as a child. She died at the hotel at age 18. In September 1918, Winifred's mother and brother Cedric, then aged 13, returned to Sussex after the war without her. Her father and her brother Eric, who had been seriously wounded in the war, traveled separately. Now, 92 years later, Winifred will return to the peaceful valley of Hammondvale to be buried at the Hammondvale Community Cemetery, where her father, mother, brother Eric, grandfather and great-grandfather and their families lie buried as well. The Fowler family homestead stands nearby. The Escort Party were: WO. Roland Doucette, Pvt. Matthew Benjamin, Pvt. Alan Irvine, Pvt. Nicholas Cunningham. The Pallbearers were: Sgt. Darren Spicer, Mcpl. Byron Ostrom, Mcpl, Marshall Smith, Mcpt. Gustavs Kalnins, Cpl. Wes Goddard, Cpl. Bryson Darrell, Cpl. Shane Teakels, Cpl. Cody Bulmer, Tpr. Benjamin Goodwin and Tpr. Scott Cummins. The Honorary Pallbearers were: Rob Moore, MP, Alan Tonks MP, Bruce Northrup MLA, Rod Weston, MP, Barry Smith and Glenn Benson Trustees of the Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery. Family links: Parents: George William Fowler (1858 - 1924) Ethyl Georgina Fowler (1874 - 1936) Burial: Hammondvale Community Cemetery HammondvaleNew Brunswick, Canada

Furge, Glen I.

  • Person
  • 1959-1962

Glen I. Furge; a former member of the regiment and served in Germany during 1959-1962. He was stationed at Fort Beausejour, Iserlohn, Germany and then retired from Regular Force duty in 1981, followed by Class B service until 1983.

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