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Authority record

Estate of Esther Lord

  • MC734
  • Person
  • 1920-2000

News, Winter 1990; Appeal to Mr. and Mrs. Lord from Sunbury Shores to continue their membership; Sunbury Shores Gallery Schedule celebrating their 25 year anniversary; "Know your Ducks" publication from Ducks Unlimited; 1 Christmas Church Service Bulletin fr. Wesley United Church, Dec 19th, 2019; 1 Church Service Bulletin "St. Andrews Pastoral Charge" fr. Wesley United, Sept 22, 1996.

Independent Order of Foresters Fond

  • MC739
  • Corporate body
  • 1890-1947

Monthly dues report; Fraternal insurance policies for the Independent Order of Foresters 1928-1943;Bank of Nova Scotia bank book belonging to G.H.J Cockburn, 1914;Ordinary monthly report, April 1st 1943 ;List of members in good standing, 1947 ;Application for change of beneficiaries, 1932 ;Benefit Certificate Loan agreement, 1938;Board of Trade Notices to Mariners for foreign-going ships, 1930 ;Minute Book 1922-1947;Minute Book 1903-1921;Minute Book 1890-1897;Financial Secretary Pocket Ledger 1933, 1935, 1936;Minutes of Independent Order of Foresters, St. Andrews Court 1890-1900; Constitution and laws of the Independent Order of Foresters, 1945; Notice to Wireless Telegraph Operators, 1929, 1930;Board of Trade Notices to Mariners for Foreign-going ships monthly Summary April 1st, 1930; January 1st, 1930; Head Office of the Independent Order of Foresters regarding payments and deposits 1943-1946

Cockburn, Melville N.

  • MC74
  • Person
  • 1860-1928

Melville N. Cockburn began his career in law in 1883 with an appointment as deputy sheriff of Charlotte County. From that time until his death in 1928, he held several positions as an officer of the courts, including clerk of the circuit court, registrar of probates, judge of probates and Queen's counsel. He moved his practice office to St. Stephen in 1917, but retained his office in St. Andrews until 1919. After that time his office files were stored in the attic of St. Mark's Lodge, where they remained until 1975.

IODE Charlotte County Chapter

  • MC740
  • Corporate body
  • 1919-2009

A Christian charity group, the motto of the Passamaquoddy IODE was "Not for ourselves alone". Established in 1919 by Mrs.Atherton Smith, the Passamaquoddy chapter of the IODE sought to serve their community during WWII raising money for convalescent homes, children's hospitals and sewing clothes for servicemen. After WWII the chapter did much in regards to educational and charitable work.

Aymer, John

  • MC75
  • Person
  • 1800-1900

John Aymer of St. Andrews petitioned the Provincial Assembly for the privilege of building a water system for St. Andrews. This was granted by an act of the Assembly, renewed in 1845 and extended to 1860. However the company was not incorporated until 12 April 1861 by Benjamin F. Milliken, John Aymer, James W. Chandler, John Bradford, Wellington Hatch, and William Kerr. Benjamin R. Stevenson was president during the last days of the Company.

Ingram family (St. Andrews)

  • MC76
  • Family
  • 1800-1900

William Ingram was from Newton Abbot, Devon. He was a baker. He emigrated first to Boston where he married Mary (surname unknown). They moved to St Andrews where his father Charles Ingram, a tailor settled in 1834. They seem to have had some difficulty in making a good living. Mary operated the bakery after William died and also took in boarders

Stentiford, Edward

  • MC98
  • Person
  • 18??-1883

A wagonmaker based in St. Andrews, Edward Stentiford's customers were widely distributed across the county.

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